• How-To-Find-My-Strength

    How To Find My Strength

    What am I good at? Is there anything that I have a natural talent for? What should I focus my time and attention? Do I have any specific strengths? I was happy to find a free solution as to how to find my strength and I believe it’s important for everyone to find theirs’. Personal Strengths Research Research in the areas of using our strengths has shown it helps us to be happier, more engaged and more likely to achieve our goals. It allows you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy. Knowing your strengths doesn’t just benefit you… all the people, groups, teams and organizations you…

  • The-Most-Important-Work-You-Will-Ever-Do

    The Most Important Work You Will Ever Do

    The most important work you will ever do is the work you do on you! That line is a bit of a tongue twister but never the less it is likely one of the most truthful and powerful statements you will ever hear. I think we are pretty much similar in what we want out of life… things like contentment, fulfillment, joy, safety, comfort, love, just to mention a few. The vast majority of us seem to be on a never-ending search for our purpose, the meaning of our life and end up in a quagmire of outside influences. There is a task or should I say a huge favor…

  • Self-Hypnosis-How-To-A

    Self Hypnosis How To A

    The title for this article may appear to be unfinished, however the intention is to bring more attention to a method and the tools for bettering the quality of one’s life. Most people are not even remotely aware this even exists or they have been tragically misinformed about it. The “A” in Self Hypnosis How To A is meant to represent the best… a Grade A. It has been demonstrated that most all of our individual lifestyle circumstances can be improved by using targeted self-hypnosis tools, hence I give it a Grade A rating! Understanding How Self Hypnosis Works Your subconscious mind can hold a false, undesirable reality that will…

  • How-To-Self-Talk

    How To Self Talk

    You are about to learn how to self-talk so you can enjoy happiness, wealth, confidence, love, success, health and more! Everyone has secrets, but what about the secrets we have from ourselves? Hmmm, yes those little secrets hiding deep inside our mind and holding us back. Those little secrets were planted in us since childhood. Over time, they have become the programming that creates and operates our individual lifestyle. The fact is you will become what you think about most. Your thoughts, words and beliefs create your program and your program brings about the results you get in life. Your success (or failure) in anything depends on your programming. What…

  • Change-How-Your-Thinking

    Change How Your Thinking

    If you are in a tough time, know that you can make it through. It may sound impossible right now, but if you change how your thinking has been over the years, you can master anything and pull yourself through the tough times. This article is not about blowing smoke up your butt or making some fluffy unfounded statements, it’s about you, the real you, the who and where you want to be in life! Chances are you are not aware that you possess a truly awesome power to create! You, me, any and all individuals calling this beautiful planet home have the inherent ability to create any life we…

  • Self-Hypnosis-Results-How-Long-Will-It-Take

    Self Hypnosis Results – How Long Will It Take?

    In a day and age of high expectations and instant gratification developers of self hypnosis therapy recordings often hear questions like: How long before I see self hypnosis results? When will I notice a change? These are questions that are nearly impossible to give an absolute answer. Every person is different, ever situation has it’s own root cause and the nature of the challenge has many variables. Plus everyone has an individual and unique experience from hypnosis and therefore will experience changes at different speeds and levels. While some people notice changes immediately, by and large changes are mostly progressive, occurring over a period of days, weeks, or even months.…

  • How-To-Change-My-Life-For-The-Better

    How To Change My Life For The Better

    Go to school… Get a job… Work hard… Pay taxes. Is that it? Is that all there is to life? I wanted to know how to change my life for the better and I know I am far from alone on this topic. I had opportunity to listen to what I felt was an extremely powerful lecture and teaching by Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Dr. Lipton began his scientific career as a cell biologist, receiving his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973.…

  • Migraine-Symptoms-and-Treatment

    Migraine Symptoms and Treatment

    While researchers tell us there is much yet to learn this article will reveal a method for severe migraine relief after discussing other information on this condition. Let’s begin with a review of some of the most important principles. Diseases Of The Nervous System Migraine is a medical condition affecting the nervous system. It was believed in the past changes in blood vessels in the brain caused migraine headaches. However, it has become clear the cause(s) are much more complicated. What happens in the brain with migraine sufferers is that their nervous system is hypersensitive or too jumpy. Basically the underlying problem is the brain is having an exaggerated response…

  • Natural-pain-management-and-relief

    Self Hypnosis and Pain Management

    In this article we are talking about self hypnosis and pain management so I thought it best to look at each of the two components of this topic separately. First lets look at self hypnosis. What Is Self Hypnosis Self hypnosis is a proven technique used to help individuals learn how to gain control of their lives, feel more empowered, inspired and accomplished. It has helped athletes, business people, students, leaders and followers. So ask yourself, if you could accomplish something better what would you do? What could you use it for? Here is a method, a tool, to help you achieve your fullest of potential by helping you to…

  • The-Ways-To-Stop-Smoking

    The Ways To Stop Smoking

    When you start asking for advice on some of the ways to stop smoking you’ll get a list of things that looks something like this: Start an exercise program Get out and walk everyday Chew gum to beat the carving Do something with your hands to keep them busy Drink lots of water Try deep breathing techniques to relax your body and mind Go to an entertainment spot where they don’t allow smoking Get together more often with non-smoking friends Take hypnosis therapy sessions Ok, that’s a great list of approaches one could take. The approach I will focus on in this article is the last one, with a twist.…