• I Can't Do Anything Right

    I Can’t Do Anything Right

    Know it or not, like it or not, believe it or not… our subconscious mind is always registering our conscious “personal inputs”. When we make a statement like “I can’t do anything right” our subconscious mind registers it and begins the manifestation process to bring about events in our life that will confirm the statement. In other words, keep saying “I can’t do anything right” and you will continue to not do anything right. Make a change from saying those words, change your input. For example change it to a good question: What can I be doing so that I can do things right? These two simple words, “I Can’t”…

  • Manifest New Car

    How To Attract A New Car – Subconscious Mind Creates Reality

    I discovered how to attract a new car when I accepted an offer to attend an event. This is a personal experience of mine that took place many years ago. It was the early 1980’s when our local and national economy was at an extreme low. My wife and I had been married for 6 years. We both grew up in the same small town and had relocated to a much larger city where we were raising our two young ones. It was financially tough times; the city didn’t offer up many good paying jobs, we were really struggling. A family member living in the same city invited us to…

  • Brain Switch You Can Master Anything

    What Is The Power Of Your Subconscious Mind – How To Program It

    The instructor was teaching her student about something she referred to as the master secret of the ages. “ I speak of a miracle-working power, “ said the teacher, “found where I had never thought to look…in my subconscious mind.” The young student peered into the wise mentor’s eyes and asked, “what is the power of your subconscious mind?” Accessing Infinite Intelligence Within our deeper mind, the subconscious, lies an infinite supply of power and wisdom. To some it is referred to as Infinite Intelligence and can reveal to you everything you need at the precise time and place. Here we can find all manner of original knowledge and the…

  • Hypnosis Bootcamp Reviews

    Hypnosis Bootcamp Reviews – 5 Elite Hypnosis Bootcamp Download

    Hypnosis, is it Fact or Fiction? The vast majority of the planet’s population does not have a clue what hypnosis or self-hypnosis truly is, let alone the amazing life changing power that is readily available to them. Thanks to articles like this one we are now waking up to the truth about hypnosis and the amazing tools we can access to use in the convenience of our own homes. For more than 200 years the topic of whether hypnosis is actually real or not has been highly debated. The ongoing scientific research in brain studies has shown very exciting findings, findings that are settling the debate once and for all!…

  • Myles-Silhouette

    About Myles

    Hello friend and welcome to my website – I was born in raised in Western Canada and make my home in a small city in the Province of Alberta with my wife Deborah. We share our lives with three wonderful adult children, their spouses, a beautiful collection of grand children and a host of amazing family members and friends. The power of the subconscious mind has always been a personal intrigue and pursuit of mine. I have come to believe “you can master anything” but what I see is that most of us never become aware of this truth. Our world is a very complex place with many distractions and…