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If you are in a tough time, know that you can make it through. It may sound impossible right now, but if you change how your thinking has been over the years, you can master anything and pull yourself through the tough times. This article is not about blowing smoke up your butt or making some fluffy unfounded statements, it’s about you, the real you, the who and where you want to be in life!

Chances are you are not aware that you possess a truly awesome power to create! You, me, any and all individuals calling this beautiful planet home have the inherent ability to create any life we choose. Yes, a huge declaration right there but absolute truth and it may very well seem to some people to be an outrageous thing to say. With all the things happening on this earth that operate outside of our individual control, affecting our day to day life, how could anyone possibly believe in such a fairy tale as “you can master anything”!

The power, the tool is… your thinking. The very seed of creation is your thinking, that is to say the creation of your world, your reality, your life. Clear, concise, intentional thought is the essence that brings about the material results in our individual life. In short, either you can choose to think and create your own world or you can allow someone else to speak to and control your thinking. Too often, in today’s world, we are allowing others to overly influence/control our individual thinking and hence control our individual life, what we end up creating. It’s time to take the control back!

Fundamentals For Change

How did they do it, those folks who made the change happen? What are the elements that made the biggest difference in their life?

We are all unique in how we think, feel, see and act on things, however with that said there are a few common fundamentals others have used to create the turnaround. You don’t have to figure it out on your own, how to survive through the depression and overwhelm. Everyone on this path has at one time or another felt there’s nothing they can do. The truth of the matter – there most definitely is something!

So the ultimate question is: what and how can you thrive during the difficult times and turn your life around? A prominent life coach teaches his clients to do these five things:

#1 – Take Control Of Your Mind…

Stand guard at the door of your mind because things feed in that you will start to accept and to come believe. The mind is such an amazing, interesting place and requires specific feeding and strengthening. Let’s consider fear for example; it can over take us, wouldn’t you agree? Uncertainty kind of unleashes all these thoughts that make us start to believe things will always be bad, we’ll never be able to turn it around or we don’t have the capability. This is the nature of those inner voices that you and I and every one else ‘feels’ from time to time. So, what do you do to take control of your focus?

You must realize that you somehow have to take control of your mind by learning how to feed it. In this day and age all you have to do is look at your phone and there you’ll find all kinds of messages to feed your mind. There is so much attention getting news, images and advertising to grab your full attention. Today’s information technology is constantly coming at us with a massive array of opinions, thoughts, new findings, old conspiracies, etc., etc., etc. It’s a seemingly never-ending barrage of data.

Here’s what each one of us needs to do: Every day you’ve got to stand guard at the door of your mind! You must be extremely careful and highly selective of what you allow to feed into your mind. Take on the responsibility and self-discipline to feed your mind empowering, positive, constructive information for a minimum of at least one hour per day (more whenever you can).

#2 – Feed And Strengthen Your Body…

Even when you feed your mind well those negative thoughts can keep coming back. What will change your mind faster than else is a radical change in your body, a radical shift in your you do that?Change-How-Your-Thinking-body-cleanse

Think about this when times are really uncertain: Fear creeps in and takes hold of you, it really is something quite physical. So you turn it around by shifting your physiology. The best way to deal with something physical is to get physical, shift your body, go lift weights, go for a run/walk, do something physical that’s going to get you into that better state. Do an intense physical activity and push yourself beyond the farthest point you’ve ever gone.

When you push yourself to force through to that new physical level you start to operate differently, your body changes and so does your mind!

#3 – Get A Role Model…

Seek out a role model who inspires you and can really show you the way Once you are mentally and physically strong you need to adopt the belief there is a pathway to get to where you want to be. Whatever it is you want to change, whether it be your body, your mind, your emotions, your finances, your relationship, you need a role model. Finding and following a role model is one of the biggest things that will change you!

Maybe you’re thinking your life is so tough; find somebody who had it tougher and really turned it around. Maybe it’s just somebody who’s really succeeded that you can now see there is a way through, there’s a way to make it happen for you even in the toughest times. There’s always a way!

We all need contrast sometimes not only role models of how to get it done but also role models for how to deal with our problems and our challenges. So get a role model that’ll inspire you and show you the way!

#4 – A Proven Plan And Massive Action…

Create a plan to do something and remember the power of massive action. All too often in life people don’t begin their journey because they’re not quite sure what to do or how to do it right or how to do it perfect! What you must want to do is change your physiology, get yourself moving and don’t wait for everything to be perfect.

Strap on your shoes, get a move on and get momentum. The amount of your progress equals the level of your happiness. When you get started and you make a little progress only to hit an obstacle, accept it, own it, rule over it.

It’s not a question of will it happen, it’s going to happen! Remember nothing is perfect and when it doesn’t work just change your approach. If that doesn’t work change your approach again and again and again as many times as needed. Doing this will shift your life and you’ll get to thriving on difficult situations.

#5 – Feed And Strengthen Your Spirit…

There’s only one way to do that, find what you’re grateful for and take time to ponder it and really feel the gratitude. You can let it be a prayer for you or just take a moment to think about how lucky you are and the good fortunate in your life. Our spirit is rejuvenated when we stop taking things for granted. And what will really feed your spirit is… find a way to do something for someone else who’s worse off than you are!

What This Is All About

It’s about strength, it’s about perspective, it’s about action, it’s about emotion and it’s about heart!

So many people miss the opportunity to feel like their life makes a difference. When you become a believer that “motive does matter” you start to do things people can feel. Please keep in mind people may be skeptical, they may have their judgments or their fears because they’ve been through so much… but you will notice, some part of you knows, that you are here in this life not just to get but to give! There’s a spark that happens, people feel the genuineness of the gift of giving.

Hopefully you will have the experience of reaching out and helping a stranger for no good reason except that it is right! It will give your life more meaning and what it will do to your spirit is amazing. You feel something more than success.

You can thrive no matter what the obstacle, no matter what the economy, no matter what the challenge. The fundamentals are really basic, you can take back control of your life and when you’re doing well (when each one of us does well), we have the responsibility, the opportunity, to give something back.

Thank you for reading… I hope this article has been helpful to you in your life. All the best!


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