Does Self Hypnosis Work

Does Self Hypnosis Work – One Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. It’s the only way to answer the burning question: Does self hypnosis work? Let’s try some 100% Satisfaction Guarantee recordings to prove it… or disprove it, whichever the case may be. My personal experience and opinion is YES… self hypnosis does work. With that said I think it very important to clarify what I mean when I say it works.

Self hypnosis is a means to aid in the successfully completion of a personal goal. Some are led to believe that it’s some sort of magic that requires no actual work or physical effort. It’s not magic, it’s real science with proven research and will work miracles for those who understand and apply it properly.

When It Doesn’t Work

So why do some people get great results with self hypnosis while others are left unhappy.

In short, it comes down to the unrealistic expectations from liars saying it is an easy and lazy way to end all of life’s problems. Anyone who suggests it works this way is misleading people and sending them down an incorrect path and to certain failure.

Self hypnosis is a powerful tool when used properly which means it can only work when you use it to motivate yourself to do the work required to reach your goals. It simply does not work if you try to use it to achieve your goals directly. In other words you can expect results when you use self hypnosis to motivate yourself to do the work to lose weight by “seeding” your subconscious mind to see yourself at your desired weight. You will not see results if you are trying to use self hypnosis to lose weight directly.

Understanding Self Hypnosis

The word hypnosis conjures up images of wily haired practitioners in white lab coats swinging pendulums in front of your face or a stage performance where an entertainer gets people to bark like a dog and perform a variety of silly acts. What most are not aware of is the amazing healing power of hypnosis, it’s much, much more than an amusing magician’s trick.

Self Hypnosis Works

So now we understand self hypnosis is not magic. We know it can’t lose the weight, it can’t make the money, it can’t magically make it happen … but what it can and will do is motivate, inspire and guide you to do the work on your goals until you reach them.

So if you are thinking self hypnosis does not work for you don’t despair, consider the fact not everyone has the same rate of response to it’s use. It can work very fast for some and frustrating slow for others, meaning some people find it very easy to get into the required state of deep relaxation needed to engage self hypnosis, while others find it harder. If you find it harder it’s simply a matter of being consistent with your attempts until you manage to get there. And you will.

Tips To Get Self Hypnosis To Work For YouSelf Hypnosis Tips

  • Quiet Surroundings: pick a place where you will not be disturbed and it will be quiet.
  • Get Comfortable: sit, recline or lie down in the most comfortable position you can.
  • Time Of Day: the best results are achieved when self hypnosis is used just before going to sleep, while you are in bed as you are already in a light state of relaxation.
  • Use Relaxation Techniques: slow, deep breathing and conscious muscle relaxation of the entire body to begin the session.
  • Clarity: be absolutely clear as to the results you desire to achieve from your session.
  • Targeted Audio Sessions: use recorded sessions developed by trained practitioners.
  • Consistency: do daily until desired results are achieved!

Professional Recordings To Guide You

Self-hypnosis induces a state of extreme relaxation and increased suggestibility to treat a host of mental and physical conditions. Highly targeted, guided sessions can dramatically increase your level of success in the area you want to improve. The Hypnosis Tools found here at are not shallow fixes but rather effective techniques produced by professionals, backed by modern psychology and scientific research.

Hypnosis is a medically recognized technique and has been acknowledged as a valid medical therapy since the 1950’s. A broad spectrum of health care professionals are trained in the use of hypnotherapy; psychologists, psychiatrists, mental health counselors, doctors, nurses, psychotherapists, dentists, chiropractors. Professional recordings are being used by individuals allowing them to remain in the comfort and convenience of their on home while undergoing “treatment”.

You’re Always In Control

Some suggest you lose control of yourself when in a state of hypnosis and you can be made to do things you don’t want to do. Or worse yet you can get stuck in a trance and unable to break out. It is simply not true, a myth created by ill-informed people.

Being hypnotized can be compared to being thoroughly engrossed in a good book or movie.

Your focus is so intense you are practically unaware of your surroundings, but in no way have you lost control of yourself. And you can certainly and easily snap back to reality at any time.

With guided self-hypnosis, you don’t have to rely on someone else to guide you into this powerful mental state. You can put yourself into a hypnotic state of consciousness at will and improve your mind, mental well-being and physical well-being.

Hypnosis For A Better You

Researchers consider hypnosis to work by changing the electrical patterns of brain waves and have used electroencephalographs (EEGs) to detect and measure these changes. The theta brainwave state is the same state experienced during a light sleep or daydreaming. People who practice meditation are in theta and you are in theta while in a state of hypnosis. In short, hypnosis is a trance-like state best characterized by deep relaxation, increased suggestibility and a heightened imagination.

Self Hypnosis is not remedy kept in the cupboard, only to be pulled out when you’ve got a problem. It’s a powerful tool that can be used to improve any area of life. Some of the most common areas include to lose weight, quit smoking, sleep better or for general stress relief. In additional it has been a very successful when used to increase productivity, concentration, confidence and self-esteem, as well as the overall enhancement of relationships.

Some of the most successful and creative people of all time used hypnosis to help them attain their place in history including Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Winston Churchill. Plus sports legends like Tiger Woods and the entire LA Lakers basketball team have used hypnosis to achieve peak performance.

And you can use self hypnosis to help you be whatever you want to be — happier, healthier, and more successful. Browse the Hypnosis Tools page to see the many guided sessions available.

You Can Master Anything

All The Best,

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  • Sujandar Mahesan

    Before reading this article I had no idea what Self Hypnosis meant. But now after going through this article I know what it’s means and also if it works or not. This is actually great because this article can help a lot of people and give them a lot of information about Self Hypnosis. Thank you for your time in this article.

    • admin

      Thank you Sujandar. My hope for this post and my website overall is to bring awareness to the subject of “You Can Master Anything” as well as provide useful tools to help folks achieve their dreams and live the life they truly desire. All the best!.  

  • Sydney

    very realistic view on the practice. Definitely clears up what the reputation is for it. I have considered it myself to get in a better mindset for business. I have used self affirmation and subliminal sounds but I haven’t stuck to it. I plan to improve that as I work with the law of attraction. Thank you again for the great article

    • admin

      Appreciate your great comment Sydney. Sticking to it will definitely yield the results you seek. All the best!

  • Juliet

    Thanks Myles, for this post. The word hypnosis used to be a scary word maybe because it was not really understood. I like the explicit way you have presented Self hypnosis, it sounds like self motivation. It’s good to know that self hypnosis is a means to an end. The tips  to get it working sound very healthy I should give it a try. 

    • admin

      Hi Juliet, I believe there is much to benefit from using self hypnosis. I personally use one of the guided audio sessions found in the Hypnosis Tools page and have found it to be very helpful. Your comment and observations are greatly appreciated. I hope you get a chance to “give it a go”…. All the best to you – Myles.  

  • Lok Which

    whenever I want to go to bed I do visualize things I  will like to achieve but I never knew it is called self hypnosis until I read this.  I’ve learnt from this ,knowing how to make it work for me, understand it and so many things.Thanks for educating me. I will strongly share this to my friends to read this and learn.I will be looking forward to your next post.

  • Riaz Shah

    Hey Myles,

    Is it possible to self-hypnotize myself to work harder every day? I want to increase my productivity level to 3 times more so I can get things done and not procrastinate. I got the procrastination part done though but I ended up making myself a perfectionist too which is bad because to other people, I seem to be a bit too fussy lol

    • Myles

      It just so happens there is a session called Get Motivated & End Procrastination…. click on the Hypnosis Tools tab at the top on the website and cursor down to the subcategory on Mindset, you’ll find it there. Thanks Riaz, all the best.

  • Daniel

    I must say that I found this article to be very helpful. I heard some stories about self hypnosis but honestly, I was afraid of doing that because I was thinking it was somehow unnatural. I would like to use self hypnosis to improve my energy level, I will give it a try and will share my results. 

    • Myles

      Fantastic Daniel, looking forward to hearing back from you. All the best!

  • Dianne

    Hey great article.

    I found this to be very interesting, having always wanted to venture down this road and look properly into self hypnosis. 

    Having taken a look at your library of hypnosis tools i am really pleased to see such an array of choices. The law of attraction has always caught my attention. Something for almost every subject there! I want to do all five of the elite hypnosis sessions. Very exciting.

    • Myles

      Howdy Dianne, yes a wide variety of sessions are offered to cover almost any area. I wish you much success.

  • charles39

    I have not heard of hypnosis before but the good news is  now I know  and I you have also given me some worderful tips and thoughts of how to make it work for me and  get the much needed result  that I want  so I will have to get down and begin the art of hypnosis  and see how far I  will go

    • Myles

      Good show Charles, all the best in getting the results you are seeking. Appreciate your input.

  • Nathalie

    Very interesting post, Myles. 

    I am VERY interested in self-hypnosis and am very curious to know more about what you said, that Albert Einstein used hypnosis to help him attain his place in history… where could I find information about that? 

    I would also love to know how you have personally experienced self-hypnosis in your own life? What results did you see? And which programs did you use? 

    Thanks a lot!!


    • Myles

      Hi Nathalie, I pulled the following piece from the book Hypnosis by William Lockhart – “Albert Einstein was also know to have used hypnosis, particularly self-hypnosis, and legend has it that it was in one of his trances that he was able to formulate the theory of relativity…”

      I am currently using the session Law Of Attraction Hypnosis found on the Hypnosis Tools tab in the subcategory of Personal Improvement. As the nature of my objectives are personal I wouldn’t share those specifics but I can tell you I am experiences some positive changes and expect more as I continue on.

      Thank you for stopping by, commenting and asking questions. I hope I was able to provide you with sufficient answers. All the best. 

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