How To Change My Life For The Better

Go to school… Get a job… Work hard… Pay taxes. Is that it? Is that all there is to life? I wanted to know how to change my life for the better and I know I am far from alone on this topic.

I had opportunity to listen to what I felt was an extremely powerful lecture and teaching by Dr. Bruce Lipton PhD, an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit. Dr. Lipton began his scientific career as a cell biologist, receiving his Ph.D. Degree from the University of Virginia at Charlottesville before joining the Department of Anatomy at the University of Wisconsin’s School of Medicine in 1973. He produced breakthrough studies on the cell membrane, which revealed that this outer layer of the cell was an organic homologue of a computer chip, the cell’s equivalent of a brain. Two major scientific publications derived from these studies defined the molecular pathways connecting the mind and body. Many subsequent papers by other researchers have since validated his concepts and ideas. The following is an extrapolation of his talk:

Bruce Lipton Biology Belief

Psychologists have told us that up to 70% or more of the beliefs that we acquire as children are negative, dis empowering, limiting and self sabotaging. Dr. Lipton says 70% of your program is from beliefs that undermined all your power. We walk around saying “I’m a victim of my genes, they’re killing me”. Well it’s time for that victim idea to end because we now know that we are all very powerful people.

Our beliefs and attitudes about life are shaping not only our internal biology but the life that we experience in the world outside of us as well. We get a wake up call when it’s realized that what we are going through in life is a result of a belief system we didn’t even know we had. Everybody struggling is going through a belief system and manifesting that struggle unconsciously. They’re not intentionally doing it. We can’t say they’re doing something that is shooting themselves in the foot, because they’re not doing it with conscious intent. It’s coming from their unconscious program.

Poverty Mindset

Let’s say you have always struggled with lack of personal finances. Poverty is passed on… it’s taught in your family, just as being middle class is taught in families. So maybe you’re sitting at home right now struggling financially or worried about money or feeling unhappy even if though you are making a lot of money but you’re unhappy at what you are doing. It was probably taught to you, your super-ego was taught, get a job, work hard or you’ll never be rich. Or maybe you were taught the rich are evil or whatever. Until you change your mindset your money won’t help you.

We see how a poverty belief works with people who win the lottery or people who make big money all of a sudden. They will still have the same problem because they have that poor man’s soul… if you’re poor, you’ll always be poor. So when the money comes fast it will disappear that fast. Just like some people who become professional athletes and make millions of dollars. Statistically an average of 65% are bankrupt five years later. It’s because of coming from poorer families due to a ‘poverty belief’.

The Marshmallow Test

There is one psychological test that correlates with success in life – the marshmallow test. It’s the test that has survived every challenge. Students, in different countries, are tracked for 30 years in the areas of being successful, divorce rate, income levels, status in society, etc. So what is this marshmallow test? You get kids and ask them, “do you want a marshmallow now or two marshmallows a few hours from now?” The kids that want the marshmallow now tend to be those that want shortcuts. Those that don’t want to do the hard work. They want the quick kill and they grab that marshmallow. The other kids who choose to wait for two hours can get two marshmallows. They understand that if they can hold out there’s a bigger reward waiting for them so they choose to not take the shortcut.

Well it turns out that if you do the same thing with poor kids and the same thing with middle-class kids the poor ones will generally go for the quick kill because they know that things disappear real fast. If there’s money in the house it’s gone in the very near future, so they learn something. One of the reasons why poor kids will want the marshmallow now is because in their experience things disappear quickly. Their belief is that people will steal their marshmallow or grab it and run away with it and they will end up with nothing. Therefore, their attitude is to take it now.

First Seven Years

We learn just before birth and for the first seven years our brain is operating on record mode. It’s recording behaviors… whose behaviors? The behaviors of our parents, our family, our community! Why can’t we make up our own behaviors? Because the conscious mind, the creative mind, doesn’t kick in until about age seven. Before age seven the mind is First Seven Yearsworking at a different vibrational frequency called theta. Theta is imagination so a child is in theta for seven years. And theta is also hypnosis. Why would nature do that, Why would it make the first seven years programmable?

The answer is simple. How many rules do you have to learn to become a functional member of a family in a community? An infant needs to learn hundreds of thousands of facts. How can you teach an infant hundreds of thousands of facts? How do you teach a one-year-old a fact if the brain is operating in theta? Well, it just records, like a video camera, the behaviors that are fundamentally in your subconscious mind. Just think about it. Those behaviors are not your creation. The fundamental behaviors in your subconscious mind on how to respond to life and how to behave came from observing other people.

Subconscious Mind Programming

The programs in your subconscious mind do not necessarily match your wishes or desires for what you want from life, they match the program’s of other people. Hence, when you’re operating from your current subconscious programs you’re not operating from what you want, you’re operating from the behavior that was downloaded by observing other people and that is why it’s so difficult to manifest your desires using the programs in your subconscious mind. They weren’t designed by you or for you.

You have to really face the ruthless reality, the ruthless truth that what you’re getting in your life is a direct result of your beliefs. Your beliefs are controlling your thoughts; your thoughts are controlling your actions; your actions are controlling what experience you’re getting out in the real world! So back it up all the way to the beliefs again. We have to find out what the beliefs are that are creating our reality and change those beliefs. You must have different thoughts and different actions if you’re going to ever achieve different results. It’s going to be this domino effect. It’s got to start now with the actions.

Most find it easier, more efficient and effective to come all the way back to the start. However, there are those people who don’t believe it’ll work for them. These people are struggling because they don’t believe this information works at all. Once upon a time when talking to a friend about affirmations she said, “I tried affirmations, they don’t work for me”… and that is exactly what’s going on with people… they’re telling themselves things like this and don’t realize it is actually programming their subconscious for the very lack they’re experiencing.

Change Negative Beliefs

Psychologists will tell us 70% or more of the thoughts that we have are negative, dis empowering and self-sabotaging because they come from the beliefs/programs that we got from other people. The moment you fully understand the limiting behaviors that are running you and not supporting you are other people’s behaviors, you can start to rewrite all the negative beliefs that prevent you from achieving your goals. And the way you rewrite all the negative beliefs and input positive ones is by getting yourself into a state of hypnosis, which is a low brain frequency.

A low alpha or theta vibration represents the low operational state of where your brain was for the first seven years of your life. That’s how and when you downloaded all the fundamental knowledge that you’re living by now. In the first seven years your brain was recording all the time, recording everybody’s behavior and putting those programs into your own system.

Theta is a low vibrational state, it’s lower than consciousness and brain function. When you’re alert and awake during the day and operating from consciousness your brain is operating at a high vibration. At night when you go to bed it drops to the lowest vibration called Delta, that’s called sleep. As you pass from the high vibration of being awake during the day to go into the low vibration to fall asleep you pass through theta. Theta is just that part where the conscious mind is slipping off into sleep, there’s a period of time just as you’re falling asleep, your brain is naturally in theta.

Put on a pair of earphones when you go to bed and listen to a recording that plays the beliefs that you want is a simple, easy and highly effective method used to rewrite the subconscious programs in our mind. This is relevant because just as you’re going to sleep your mind is dropping out of the higher vibration of consciousness and going toward Delta, you are entering into Theta. It is at this point having earphones on playing you’re desired recording, your conscious mind doesn’t hear the message, it’s your subconscious mind, it is hypnosis. You can employ self-hypnosis every night by listening to a recording with the new belief or program that you want. Play it every night and that will, over time, rewrite those undesirable fundamental behaviors and you’re life will change for the better!

Target And Rewrite

Professionally developed self-hypnosis recordings are available to help rewrite the subconscious and get rid of limiting beliefs, poor habits and harmful lifestyles. Click on the Hypnosis Tools tab at the top of the page and you will discover a wide array of downloadable audios designed to help in most ever situation.

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  • Happier At Home

    What an absolutely fascinating article!  Thank you for sharing this!  What is astounding to me is the Bruce Lipton Biology Belief.  70%+ of the beliefs we acquired as children are negative!  That’s such a sad (albeit true) statistic!  It makes me want to step back and take a look at how we’ve been parenting.  You’ve convinced me to be more careful than ever about things I say and do in front of my children.  This fact is scary.  I’m also going to take your advice and listen to something positive before falling asleep.  I think this could work wonders if done diligently and continuously.  Thanks again for this post!  It was very eye-opening.  Blessings!

    • Myles

      Yes, it is very wise to always be on guard as to what we are saying, especially to that under seven group 🙂 Easier said then done, it is a continual work in progress, you’re going to do great at it!

  • Randi

    Oh wow! I absolutely loved every word in this article! It all just makes sense. While I was reading it, I was reflecting on my own patterns and my own programming. It makes sense as to why I procrastinate and why I tend to put a lot of my goals and dreams off to the side. It really is the way I was raised. The negative, self-doubting programming seems more of a curse! I learned a lot from this article and I look forward to reading more! Thank you! 

    • Myles

      so grateful you have found this article helpful… all the best as you forward in your life

  • Jim

    Hi Myles. What an absolutely fascinating article. In fact I liked it so much that I have bookmarked it to return to later so that I can study it in more depth. I have long been a proponent of changing your mindset. Negative thinking can leave us completely deflated.

    Sadly, many of us are the victims of our upbringings, and like you said, if we grew up poor and weren’t surrounded by any positive peer groups we tend to follow in the footsteps of those we weer raised by. Bruce Lypton sounds like a fascinating character and I would certainly love to here him talk sometime, or read more about him.

    The ‘Marsh Mellow’ test you mentioned fascinated me, I never thought about this type of test having any relevance to our lives before. In fact I’d never heard of it. It stands to reason that those that grew up with very little would take the immediate offering. I wonder what I would have taken as a child. Thank you for this thought provoking blog. Jim

    • Myles

      Thank you for your wonderful thoughts and comments Jim. It al starts with becoming aware of our subconscious and that other people’s programs are likely running our life. So now we can take back control and rewrite our subconscious with what we want. All the best.  

  • Greg Cook

    Thanks for a very informative article. I have seen hypnosis work in the past and know it works, so was interested to read your article. I have been told that hypnosis works on some people, but not others, do you agree with that? There are some programs in your links I would like to try so I’m glad I came across your website. Thanks for a great article.

    • Myles

      Hi Greg, I think in the case of self hypnosis audio sessions working for some and not others it is purely based on the consistency of use (every night at bedtime) and the willingness of the user to allow the message to register in their subconscious. It is a scientific fact that the subconscious mind can be reprogrammed.  

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