How To Find My Strength

What am I good at? Is there anything that I have a natural talent for? What should I focus my time and attention? Do I have any specific strengths?

I was happy to find a free solution as to how to find my strength and I believe it’s important for everyone to find theirs’.

Personal Strengths Research

Research in the areas of using our strengths has shown it helps us to be happier, more engaged and more likely to achieve our goals. It allows you to focus on the tasks you do well and enjoy. Knowing your strengths doesn’t just benefit you… all the people, groups, teams and organizations you work with will benefit as well.

Relationships are made stronger and people produce far better work when each person knows their individual strengths and makes use of them.

Here’s a few interesting stats:

  • People who have chance to use their strengths are on average 74% more engaged at work.
  • Awareness of one’s strengths enables individuals to be 31% more productive.
  • Mere fact of knowing each other’s strengths makes the team 12% more effective.

Why So Important

Why it is so important to know your best strengths? Well, let’s start with a quick question: Can you name your top 5 strengths…you know, those things that you are naturally really good at?

Results from the scientific research conducted on this question shows that the people who know and use their personal strengths…

are more satisfied with life, feel happier and experience more joy. Studies show that people who have a chance to use their strengths at least once a day report lower levels of depression, higher levels of positivity and stronger mental health.

…experience less stress. The research indicates that being able to leverage one’s strengths creates a buffer against the negative effects of stress or trauma.

…feel healthier and have more energy. Putting at use one’s core strengths is associated with healthy behaviors – such as pursuing an active lifestyle and following healthy eating habits.

…are more confident. Both strengths awareness and strengths use are positively linked with self-efficacy, self-esteem, self-acceptance, and self-confidence.

…experience faster growth and development. Contrary to popular beliefs, applied research shows that strength areas have by far larger growth potential than one’s weaknesses.

…are more creative and agile at work. The active use of one’s personal strengths creates feelings of authenticity, vitality and concentration. This, in turn, leads to a more creative mindset and greater proactivity.

…feel more satisfied at work. People that actively use their strengths at work experience higher job satisfaction. Plus, it is easier to find true meaning and pleasure in their work.

…are more engaged at work. Employees who have a chance to apply their strengths at work on a daily basis report a much higher level of engagement in what they do.

Everybody Wins

So we can see that by focusing on a strength-based practice is obviously very good, but the added bonus is – it is extremely beneficial for those people around you as well.

Countless studies have clearly shown that teams and organizations where the people involved know and leverage their strengths, experience higher performance, engagement and retention.

Know Your Top Five

So… what do you think your top 5 strengths are?

Ok, don’t worry if you can’t confidently rattle them off, you’re not alone! Truth is most no one can. The fact is, not even 1 out of 3 individuals can honestly answer this question.

Now does that suggest that we as human beings are naturally modest and reserved?

Is it the societal effect discouraging bragging… or is it that we are raised since childhood to focus on our weaknesses and fix those, rather than focusing on something we are already good at?

It could possibly be that what is clear here is:

  • 1) the majority of us don’t really know what our strengths are.
  • 2) we do not fully value them.

So let’s change that shall we!

Find your strength and the best parts of yourself…

…tap the image below to get started with your free personal strengths test now!

you can master anything high 5 test

You Can Master Anything

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