How To Self Talk

You are about to learn how to self-talk so you can enjoy happiness, wealth, confidence, love, success, health and more! Everyone has secrets, but what about the secrets we have from ourselves? Hmmm, yes those little secrets hiding deep inside our mind and holding us back. Those little secrets were planted in us since childhood. Over time, they have become the programming that creates and operates our individual lifestyle.

The fact is you will become what you think about most. Your thoughts, words and beliefs create your program and your program brings about the results you get in life. Your success (or failure) in anything depends on your programming. What you aren’t likely aware of is the fact you have one hundred control and influence over what your program is, most humans are not aware (or even believe) of this extremely vital and powerful information.

Your life, as you know it right now, is the direct result of what you accept from others and what you say when you talk to yourself.

What To Say To Yourself

There are powerful techniques you can use to program your potential for success. Neither, timing, luck or desire has even the slightest thing to do with it. What you think about you will talk about and what you talk about you will bring about, it is no longer just theory but a proven fact. DO NOT DISMISS OR FORGET THIS CRITICAL KNOWLEDGE! The simplicity of it may seem under-whelming, the truth of it is powerful and life changing.

Begin by understanding “the brain simply believes what you tell it most” and what you tell your brain about yourself, it will create! It has no choice and it makes no difference whether we believe it or not. So this next statement should be obvious – when you talk to yourself make it empowering.

The conversion, the self-talk, that is going on in your mind all the time is of the utmost importance. Remember, what you have going on in there is what you become, hence the significance of heeding what you are saying to yourself. That internal dialogue is the foundation for all of your thoughts and your thoughts become things.

Optimize And Actualize

Start by focusing on the cultivation of a powerful self-image. Self-talk plays a major role in the self-image you create.

self-image-you-createAs previously mentioned, thoughts are things. Every thought you think, every conscious or unconscious thought you have is translated into electric impulses. These impulses direct the control centers in your brain. The control centers, electrically and chemically, manage every emotion, feeling and action you take every moment of every day. So whatever thoughts you have programmed into yourself or have allowed others to program into you are affecting, directing or controlling everything about you.

From the very day you were born your programming began. The amount of programming you have “taken up” since your birth is unimaginable. It would require a massive computer just to compute each bit of information you receive in just one year. Some programming is obvious such as learning life skills, education, job training and the like. However, you are never even aware of the greater volume of other programming you are undertaking.

The Changing Of The Program

OK, I’m going to restate this most important fact: Thought Are Things. Therefore, good thoughts bring about good things while bad thoughts bring about bad things.

Every individual thought you think has an impact, biologically and chemically.

If you are unhappy with your life change the programming on your hard drive. Changing your self-talk will change your thoughts, changing your thoughts will change your programming. It’s a simple enough process that demands the work to be done on a consistent basis that for most is the big challenge. You overcome that challenge with a burning desire for a better life.

Now you know it’s your programming that sets up your beliefs so let’s move to understand the progression that will guide you in the implementation of the change. What you believe determines your attitude which affects your feelings that directs your behaviour and ultimately determines your success or failure:

Programming Creates Beliefs >>> Beliefs Create Attitudes >>> Attitudes create feelings >>> Feelings Determine Actions >>> Actions Create Results

Boom! There you have it, that’s how your brain works. So now, if you have the desire to manage yourself in a better way, the desire to change your results, you can do so at any time you choose simply by using the above progression.

One more time – your programming leads to your thoughts, your thoughts lead to your feelings, your feelings lead to actions, your actions lead to your results! Changing your programming will change your life, take control and make it a change for the better.

What Is Self-Talk

A very effective way to change your programming is to change the way you talk to yourself. Self-talk is best defined as, ‘a way to override your past negative programming by deleting and/or replacing the pas programming with conscious, positive, new instructions.’ We all have the power of choice and can choose to accept living a life far below your individual potential, programmed by others or we can choose to live a fulfilled life of intent through the use of well managed self-talk.

Self-talk is a practical way to give new instructions, new programming to your subconscious mind. When you talk to yourself in an empowering way your internal control centers will become reprogrammed accordingly. You consciously input phrases and words that are constructive, inspiring and positively powerful for every area in your life you want to improve. This method of self-talk is literally erasing the old and creating the new, in your internal control centers, image of the person you truly desire to be.

The Five Levels Of Self-Talk

Dr. Shad Helmstetter is a best-selling author with more than twenty books in the field of personal growth to his credit and tells us there are five levels to optimize/elevate our self-talk. This is done by overriding our pattern of negative programming by erasing or replacing the negative programming with conscious positive new directions/instructions. Let’s take a look at those five levels, one at a time:

Level One self-talk equals the level of negative acceptance dominated by thoughts such as: “I can’t”; “I could never do that”; “I’m tired”; “I just don’t have the energy I used to have”… and other such gems. Unfortunately this is the dominant form of self-talk for most people. It needs to go!

Level Two self-talk equals the level of recognition and need to change. This is dominated by phrases like: “I need to”; “I should”. It’s slightly better than level one but not where we want to spend our time. The problem is that it recognizes a problem but offers no solution.

Level Three self-talk equals the level of decision to change. This is consistent with phrases of: “I never”; “I no longer”… now you’re committed to change and are clear on what you’re going to stop doing and say things like “I no longer smoke”; “I never put off things that are important”. This is powerful because you’re programming new instructions into your subconscious mind and that leads us to…

Level Four self-talk which equals the level of the better you. This is the most powerful kind of self-talk and all about the ‘I Am’ statements like: “I am in control of my life”; “I’m a winner”; “I am healthy energetic and enthusiastic’; “I’m going for it”. Dr. Helmstetter tells us level four self-talk inspires encourages, urges and implores us! It tugs at our hearts, touches our hopes and paints the pictures that color our dreams. It excites demands and pushes us forward, strengthening the armour of our spirit and hardening the steel of our determination. This is the kind of self-talk that challenges us do battle with our fears and end in victory. When we engage in self-talk of this nature it stirs us to action, fills us up with self-belief and plants our feet firmly on the solid bedrock of success! Level four is the level where we want to spend the majority of our time as it contributes the most to optimizing, elevating and actualizing the self we truly desire.

Level Five self-talk equals the level of universal affirmation. This is the self-talk of the ancient mystics who experienced oneness with God, with the universe. Here the good doctor advises us to focus on establishing a solid relationship with ourselves before we jump too quickly to this level and reminds us that there are hundreds of examples already written of this special powerful reprogramming level for self-talk, such as: “I am a winner”; “I believe in myself”; “I respect myself and like who I am”; “I have made the decision to win in my life and that’s what I’m going to do”. Pause for a moment here and really use your imagination to get a strong sense of what it would be like to go through the rest of your life with that kind of self-talk on your side. Just imagine how empowering your programming would be with that kind of direction/instruction. Here’s the kicker… IT IS YOURS’ FOR THE TAKING! The very moment you decide to choose a better way…it is your

You Deserve The Best Out Of Lifeyou deserve the best

…wouldn’t you agree?! So, perhaps it’s time to do something about it. You have an awesome power, the power of choice. Take a moment to imagine the rest of your life unfolding from your current self-talk… now imagine the rest of your life with a massively empowered self-talk. You have the power to choose, design and live your ideal destiny. You hold all the cards, no one or nothing else holds that power over you… it’s all yours!


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