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Brain Evolution System Review – Real User Feedback

One of the best ways to find out about any product is to hear what actual users are saying about it and this Brain Evolution System Review compiles real user feedback along with other information to help us learn more about it’s viability.

What Is It

First lets recall what the Brain Evolution System (BES) is: a self-development technology reported to be scientifically-proven to reduce stress and anxiety, sharpen your mind, boost your energy levels, and dramatically increase your happiness.

“Brainwave Entrainment”, which involves playing specially-created audio sounds into each ear, is the underlying technique applied when using BES. The developers claim their system is built on over 100 years of brainwave research and designed to be the most advanced brainwave meditation program available on the market today.Brain Evolution System

How To Use It

The user simply listens through headphones to specifically crafted, relaxing sounds for 30 minutes per day. It is suggested for best results to do this as soon as you wake up in the morning, the first 30 minutes of your day.

The program consists of six separate levels with each level to be listened to six times a week, over a one-month period. The entire program requires six months to fully complete.

How It Works

Through the use of the specialized recordings the listener’s brainwaves are induced and go to a state of total peak performance. Scientific research has documented that both thinking speed and intelligence are increased.

Every state of mind has a unique electrical signature known as “brainwaves.” These brainwaves can be influenced using brainwave entrainment techniques. BES is a series of brainwave entrainment recordings designed to help bring about key states of mind at will.

User Benefits

  • Eliminate all stress and anxiety
  • Dissolve tension and relax more
  • Improve the quality sleep (require less)
  • Dramatically sharpen thinking
  • Boost mental capacity
  • Improve memory
  • Become more creative
  • Increase focus and brain power
  • Boost mood and happiness
  • Overcome negative blocks
  • Increase energy
  • Master emotions
  • Let go of depression
  • Release grief

What Is The Cost and Guarantee

At the time of writing this review the cost is 3 payments of $99 and comes with a seven month, unconditional100% risk-free guarantee.

Real User Feedback

The Brain Evolution System was first released to the public in 2006 and the provider says several thousands of individuals have used and been helped by the system. Feedback from various websites as well from the developer is provided below:

Rebecca Marina

“For me, BrainEv was more than an experiment. It was follow-up and follow-through for the years of research I’ve been conducting concerning the creative process, enhanced by neurotechnology. First, through light-sound in the late 1980s and, later, with just sound. For my Master of Fine Arts degree in Creative Writing/Poetry, I wrote my thesis on NeuroTech and the Creative Process and it was published. I also delivered it as a lecture. That was in 1992.
So much has happened since then. I am a full-time ghost writer, book doctor and editor as well as a published author. You can check out my index and my websites. I don’t have time to participate in forums. I am so busy most of the time, but I do want you to know that I had an extraordinary experience with your 6 discs. I followed the program faithfully.

I also have to tell you I am going to be 71 in December. Most of my classmates are either dead or in nursing homes. They are surely retired. I am the only fully active, fully productive person I know. Am I a phenomenon? Apparently so, but not because I want to be. This should be every person’s life experience.
This material is worthy of a book. You need to get a book out there about this technology. It is far superior of the Monroe work or any of the other programs I’ve worked with. I’d love to write that book for you if you have a budget to make it happen. It should be a collection of all of the experiences and testimonials from those who bought the program and followed it, plus your own story of how you got involved with this research. “

David Riklan

“I have been using brain entrainment to help me meditate since the 1990s when I stumbled upon a Kelly Howell tape in a bookstore. Until I heard this series, I considered Dr. Jeffrey Thompson’s to be the best, with Centerpoints’ “Awakening” series (Track 1 — “Dive” only) as a close second.
This series gives the doctor a run for his money. And may be better.
I especially enjoyed CD’s # 4 & 6. Both employ multiple entrainment techniques — binaural tones and isochronic beats — to move you into wonderfully complex mind states. As always, being a bit young to be a “New Ager,” I make no claims for these tapes. I think that they work to aid in meditation, But that may be placebo. But I d o know that when I use these CD’s, or the ones by Dr. Thompson or Centerpoint, I feel more alert and yet relaxed. And honestly think that the CD’s themselves are the reason why.
Then again, without a good double-blind trial, who knows? Placebo power is legion.”

Brain Tracy

“I’ve graduated today. I would like to say thank you for this amazing 6 months behind me. I extremely enjoyed the journey.
First steps: I had headaches with the first and second part. Also, they disappeared after two weeks.
Third part: I started to have amazing dreams. I started to become more relaxed. I could sleep through my nights without any aid or insomnia.
Fourth part: I started to notice being calm in situations, where I would act really nervous anxious or pissed off before I started to use the BE System.
Fifth part: I started to think about new things. I applied for university and started to do those courses and steps I’ve been planning for years.
By the time I arrived to the sixth part I was completely ready for step up and be the self who I was long time ago and who I wanted to be again.
Amazing program. Everyone should try it:)
I started the whole 6 months course all over again. I can’t stop my half an hour relaxation time before sleep:) I love it too much:)”

Dianne Corriette

“I finished Level 6 and want to report about my experience. I don’t know that anyone might notice an outward change, but internally I feel much more relaxed and calm than I have in years. The major difference that I am aware of is the change in my sleep. I used the program each night at bedtime, mainly for the convenience and the ease in establishing a routine. Before using this program, I had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I had terrible leg and back pain due to some osteoarthritis in my lower back. I listened to the CDs while lying on an acupressure mat and before I knew it, I awoke only long enough to take off the earphones and immediately fell back asleep. I now sleep through the night most of the time. And because of my more restful sleep, I don’t have the aches and pains when I am falling asleep nor upon awakening. I don’t take any medication, so the change has to be due to the BrainEv system. Upon completing the program, I went through each level one more time, but I really am partial to the last CD, so I plan to continue to use it as needed. I don’t know how each of you will be changed by completing the program; I only hope you have as wonderful an outcome as I have experienced!”

Kristie Howe

Try The Brain Evolution System For Free

FREE 30-day Brain Evolution System TRIAL! You’ll pay nothing to begin and get unlimited access to Level 1. Try it out for a whole month, see the results. If you aren’t happy, just let the provider know and they will cancel your membership immediately and you never have to pay anything at any time.


I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions on the Brain Evolution System or want to leave your own review please do so in the comment section below. Thank you!

All The Best,


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  • Sam Frederiksen

    Hello, i suffer from stress due to ungoing health issues for myself and some my family members.  I like the concept of this product.  Just a little curious as to the price. $300 or close to it seems quite high, I realise you have a free trial which is great and also a 7 month guarentee.  What makes this so much better than stuff that is already free?

    • Myles

      Hello Sam, appreciate you stopping by and commenting. I have not personally used BES relying on the credibility of the other reviewers/users. I am currently working a targeted self hypnosis sessions and planning to do some work with BES in the future when I am satisfied with my current program. The 7 month money back trail period is a strong indicator of the confidence BES has in their system. You never know what you are going to really get with free stuff and with BES you get their full ongoing support and community to connect with. 

  • Stephanie

    This sounds like a fantastic program to help with anxiety and depression. The information provided on what BES is, as well as how it can help you is very interesting. You’ve gone the extra mile by providing a quality user review section using each reviewers photo as well. I clicked on the link immediately to check it out. 

    • Myles

      Happy to hear you enjoyed the review Stephanie and thanks for clicking the link and checking it out.

  • Tim Bennett

    Hello Myles,

    Thank you for your review regarding the Brain Evolution System.

    It certainly has a lot of good reviews and many from very credible people too.

    As there is a free trial, it would seem worth trying it out.

    If it can help me sleep better then I am all for it.

    I am curious though, have you personally tired the system and if so what results did you get?

    It would be great to hear how you did and how it personally affected you.

    Personal experience beats everything!

    Look forward to hearing more!


    • Myles

      Hey Tim, yes I agree personal experience beats most everything. I have not worked with BES yet as I am in the midst of a working with some specific self hypnosis. The free trail does indeed eliminate the risk of economic loss.

  • Steve

    This is a cool concept that I have never heard of before. I knew of meditation and listening to relaxing music, but didn’t know the same could be achieved with different audio sounds. I often pray in the morning and wonder if this could help me limit distraction. Do the studies show if there is added benefit from listening to the recordings more than once a day or not so much?

    • Myles

      Hi Steve, I do not know of any studies that suggest more than once a day to increase the benefit. If you are consistent and listen once EVERY DAY, preferably just before going to sleep for the night, peak results will follow.  

  • Cath Anon

    I’ve never heard of the Brain Evolution System but if it works as the reviews say, it would mitigate a lot of social problems arising from lack of sleep and anxiety.  

    The fact they give a long, money back guarantee period speaks volume of their confidence in their product claims.  As a risk-free option, it’s definitely worth trying it out – for the huge chance of getting a regular good night’s rest! (for an insomniac like me)

    Thanks for the info!

    • Myles

      Thanks for your comment Cath and yes will worth testing out….risk free. I hope you get the results you are seeking. Take good care, all the best!   

  • Mark Baker

    Hi Myles

    I really enjoyed reading your review about the Brain Evolution System, which I had not heard of before. I was amazed at the long list of benefits. There has to be one or more benefits in that list for everybody. 

    Personally I love the idea of improving the quality of my sleep so that I need less. That would be most useful. 😉

    Another great plus is the 30 day free trial. Usually I find that trials are not long enough to really evaluate systems like this but 30 days is a good long time to give it a good shot. 


    • Myles

      Hey Mark thanks for stopping by. I agree that 30 days is a pretty good trial period, providing one gets at it and gives it a good go 🙂 All the best!

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