Natural Sleep Aids Insomnia

Natural Sleep Aids Insomnia – Simple Self Hypnosis Treatment

Insomnia is a sleep disorder that makes it hard to fall asleep or stay asleep on a regular basis. Studies estimate 50% of people worldwide experience insomnia at some level and up 20% are sleep deprived.

In this article we will talk about some things causing insomnia, natural sleep aids insomnia can be treated with and how to acquire a simple self hypnosis treatment.

What Is Insomnia

Insomnia has several patterns. Mild insomnia for example affects 1 in 3 people, while trouble just getting to sleep is another pattern. Some can fall asleep but not able to stay asleep for the desired or needed length of time. Others wake up in the middle of the night and not able to get back to sleep for a long time or at all.

Many people suffer from two or all of these patterns. Unfortunately many poor sleepers have developed poor sleep habits.
The net result is feeling tired all day long and not being able to perform at a productive level.

Causes Of Insomnia

Medical research and university studies have identified many causes of insomnia. Here are some of those causes:

  • Drugs for asthma
  • Blood pressure medication
  • Caffeine
  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • Chronic pain (and other uncomfortable illnesses)
  • Stress at work or in your personal life
  • Depression
  • Loss of a loved one
  • Anxiety and worrying
  • PregnancyNatural Sleep Aids Insomnia

Additionally, medical studies have determined age, gender and education contribute to the effects of insomnia. For example a study conducted by Harvard Medical School showed approximately 27% of working women suffer from insomnia, compared to 20% of working men. The study also revealed, those with a higher level of education are more likely to be sufferers. And nearly half of all adults over the age of 60 are affected.

Other people who are at a higher risk include older people with poor health; women (related to higher rates of anxiety and depression than men); shift workers.
There are times when the cause it is not clear, this is referred to as “primary insomnia”.

Affect On People

Some of the affects people experience as a result of insomnia may include:

  • Difficulty with concentration
  • Decreased mental focus
  • Fogged memory and forgetfulness
  • More emotional
  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Depressed Mood

Treat It Naturally

It’s a frightening fact that an estimated 30% of overdoses involve medications commonly prescribed for the treatment of insomnia. This alone makes it important to find relief through more natural means. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Increase exposure to daily sunlight or use artificial bright light.
  • Sleeping under a weighted blanket has been proven effective.
  • Reduce nighttime Blue Light exposure, emitted from smartphones and computer screens.
  • Take a natural Melatonin supplement regularly (other helpful supplements include Ginkgo Biloba, Glycine, Valerian Root, Magnesium, L-theanine, Lavender).
  • Stop consuming coffee and other caffeinated drinks or food in the later part of the day.
  • Avoid alcohol, having a “night cap” negatively impacts your sleep and hormones.
  • Establish and stay to a sleeping schedule with the same bedtime and same wake up time every day including weekends.
  • Follow a relaxing and soothing bedtime routine.
  • Avoid afternoon naps.
  • Set-up your bedroom specifically for sleeping (reduce light & noise).
  • Get daily exercise (but not before bedtime).
  • Relax and clear your mind, meditate in the evening.

It may be necessary to seek specialist help such as a Naturopath or Hypnotherapist. A sleep study is often used to gain an understanding what is causing the poor sleep as well as check for sleep apnoea. Also, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia has been shown to be effective in the medium and long term. CBT rests on the idea that thoughts/perceptions influence behaviour and focuses on solutions that encourage challenging distorted cognitions and changing destructive patterns of behaviour.

When it comes to sleeping pills it seems most medical practitioners agree to only take them occasionally. Although they can get you a good night’s sleep, if used too often, they will stop working as effectively. In addition, they can be habit-forming which makes it extremely difficult to stop taking them.

Self Hypnosis Treatment

Most people are totally unaware of the amazing healing power of hypnosis. It’s pretty much only recognized as some hypnotist’s amusing stage act when it is, in fact, a scientific proven and clinically applied treatment method.

“Overcome Insomnia’ is an audio recorded, self-hypnosis session that can be easily and quickly downloaded to a smart phone, lap top or desktop computer. It provides a simple method designed to aid in getting a good night’s sleep that’s natural, drug-free and totally non-invasive.

You are guided to switch off your busy mind and drift off to slumber land quickly and easily! As you listen, the powerful hypnosis and NLP exercises will work to rewire your brain to restore your healthy relationship with sleep. You’ll program yourself to experience a deep, relaxing sleep every night, letting your subconscious mind remove all the stress and anxiety so you can get the rest and recuperation your system needs.


As discussed in this article, Insomnia affects millions of people worldwide. It can lead to irritability, memory loss, impaired judgment and a host of other serious issues. It can also sap your energy and leave you feeling miserable, wretched, drained, and lifeless.

We now know there are alternatives to the use of habit-forming drugs, one of which is guided self-hypnosis sessions. It is a natural, non-toxic way to shut your eyes, just let sleep take over and eliminate insomnia from your life.

So for less than the price of a movie and popcorn you can download and have instant life-time access to Overcome Insomnia now and say “sweet dreams” to all those sleepless nights – starting tonight. Clicking on the Download Now button will send you directly to our partner website.

Overcome Insomnia

I hope you found this article helpful, your comments and thoughts are always welcome. Take care!

All the best,


Myles Warken

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  • Irma

    Great post. I can attest to how helpful guided self-hypnosis is to getting a great nights sleep. I have used it off and on for about 4 years now, and most nights I go to sleep quickly and sleep through the night.

    I used to take those horrible sleeping pills the doctors prescribed, but they are so addictive (even if the doctor says they are not). And they take a long time to wean off of. Natural products are the way to go!

    • admin

      So good to hear of your success with the guided self hypnosis. So many folks have just heard about it so getting articles like this one out there on the internet will mean many more can benefit. Keep it natural 🙂 All the best!

  • Sebastian

    I would’t have thought that self-hipnosis can have such an impact on a person’s life ! In general I don’t have problems with sleep ,but sometimes I get too anxious and think too much about any topic and that doesn’t let me sleep ,so I have to find ways to calm down and self-soothe.Maybe self-hipnosis is worth trying one day !

    • admin

      Hey Sebastian, there are two different sessions that you could try if you like. Click on the Hypnosis Tools tab at the top of my website and go to the sub heading called Fear, Worry, Anxiety… there you find a session called ‘Dissolve Worry and Anxiety and another one called ‘Eliminate Stress’. All the best!

  • Rose

    I had not heard of self-hypnosis before, I am one of those who wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. or sometimes I take so long to fall asleep and then when I finally do, I don’t stay asleep all through the night. Thank you for a great Post.

    • admin

      Wonderful that you could discover self hypnosis here Rose. Appreciate you stopping by to read the article and comment. You may very well find the ‘Overcome Insomnia’ self hypnosis audio to be very helpful.

  • Ilaisaane Tuakalau

    I have insomnia most times although not chronic. I am not a fan of hypnotism, but will definitely look into the natural remedies that you have listed. Thanks for the information it has given me a much better understanding of why and how it can be avoided.

    • admin

      Hi Ilaisaane, thank you for commenting. The concept of applying self hypnosis techniques is to create a state of relaxation so your subconscious mind will more readily accept the positive suggestions in the audio session and work toward eliminating the insomnia. May I ask, did you a bad experience with hypnosis that makes you not a fan of it? I don’t wish to invade on your privacy so please do not feel obligated to answer but if you are comfortable it is always beneficial to hear personal experiences.

  • Tanya

    I’m normally a good sleeper but when I get stressed or worried about something it really affects my sleep badly. I have used hypnosis too for many years and for many different reasons and it’s brilliant. I’m not ashamed to say I’m a hypnosis junkie! LOL

    • admin

      Thanks for your comments on the success you have had using hypnosis. I offer over 200 different self hypnosis sessions here on my website under the Hypnosis Tools tab. There is a category there that provides various sessions for Fear, Stress and Anxiety. So if ever want to add to your arsenal I got ya covered 🙂 Cheers.

  • Paul

    Great article. There seem to be a lot of people that are affected by insomnia. I learned a lot and that seems very interesting that sleeping under a weighted blanket may help!

    • admin

      Yes, the weighted blanket is an interesting bit of information. I just learned that myself while researching for the article. Thanks for your comment Paul. All the best

  • Kirsten

    I’m a therapist and ex-insomniac, so this was really relevant to me. I’m a fan of self-hypnosis tapes. I wouldn’t say they’re effective at treating chronic or severe insomnia on their own, at least for me, but with the lifestyle and behavioral recommendations you listed, they can definitely be a great supplement. I’d be curious to know where you found the research that backs up hypnosis as a treatment? It’s definitely becoming more popular lately.

    I had no idea 30% of overdoses were related to medications prescribed for insomnia – that’s terrifying. I took sleeping meds for several months and it was a horrible mistake. I’m glad to be medication free and sleeping soundly these days.
    Interesting read!

    • admin

      It’s very exciting to hear comments on this subject for someone with your background and experience. I came upon a statement published by Harvard Medical School in respect to hypnosis as a treatment. Here is a link in that regard:
      Thanks again for stopping by my website and commenting on this article Kirsten. All the best!

  • John

    I do have trouble sleeping through the night. I was a shift worker for most of my life without a steady schedule. Will the self hypnosis help with this. I do have a regular schedule of sleep, just not sleeping all of my schedule.
    Looks like a great option without using medication, I think that is such a crutch in today’s world.

    • admin

      Yes John, the self hypnosis session Overcome Insomnia is reported to help those suffering with insomnia due to shift work. A really great thing about the all sessions available under the Hypnosis Tools tab is that they have a full one year satisfaction guarantee. If you don’t the results you can get a refund anytime with in that first year. Another perk is the sessions are already extremely affordable, priced under 20 dollars. Hope that answers your question, all the best John.

  • Dan Strong

    Hi Myles,
    I worked third shift for a few years and definitely experienced bouts of insomnia. It was brutal. Luckily, I am away from that now. As someone who has experienced sleeping issues in the past, I can say that your suggestions to sleep better naturally are spot on. Getting black-out curtains and shades made a world of difference for me personally. Cutting down on worry also helped a lot. I am a big believer in self-hypnosis and I’m really excited to try out some of the ones you recommend. I have been looking for quality ones for a while. Thank you!

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