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You are about to discover a natural tinnitus treatment most sufferers would never imagine even existed.

I have been plagued with a constant, annoying shrill in my ears and finding this natural approach to a remedy is most exciting. One day I noticed a super high frequency tone while I was alone at home. I thought it was coming from something or somewhere in my house. I went around and around trying to track down the source of this high pitch ‘squeal’. My wife helped me understand that it was not a malfunction in our home but rather something only I could hear.

So after a visit to my doctor and some testing with the specialist I was informed my experience was a result of tinnitus of which, according to the specialist, modern medicine has no remedy.

Tinnitus Sounds

For me the tinnitus was a constant, high frequency “ringing” between my ears. Other tinnitus sounds are described as hissing, static, crickets, screeching, whooshing, roaring, pulsing, ocean waves, buzzing, dial tones and even music. What ever the sound the sufferer hears it is widely agreed to be totally subjective. In other words only the person who has the tinnitus can hear that particular sound.

Current science suggests there are three means of perception for the tinnitus sounds:

  1. Tonal Tinnitus: The perception of near-continuous sound (or overlapping sounds) with well-defined frequencies. The perceived volume of the tinnitus often fluctuates. Tonal tinnitus is generally associated with subjective tinnitus.
  2. Pulsatile Tinnitus: The perception of pulsing sounds, often in-beat with the patient’s heartbeat. Pulsatile tinnitus is often associated with objective and somatic tinnitus.
  3. Musical Tinnitus: The perception of music or singing, sometimes the same tune on a constant loop. Also known as Musical Ear Syndrome, Musical Tinnitus is very rareNatural Tinnitus Treatment

Turn Down The Excessive Noise

The excessive noise from Tinnitus affects more than 50 million people in North America alone. A further estimated one in seven people worldwide will suffer from the frustration and interference of the tinnitus buzz or ringing in the ears at some point in their life.

It’s most obvious at the quiet times in the day and can prevent the sufferer from getting to sleep or just finding basic relaxation. Turning down this intense distraction and restoring one to a sense of normal hearing is imperative to an enjoyable quality of life.

The Cure For Tinnitus

As mentioned previously modern medicine has told us there is no definitive cure for tinnitus. What we do know for certain is it can be tamed or turned down. The management or treatment tool I’m suggesting in this article is hypnosis. More specifically self hypnosis by means of a guided audio session that can be quickly downloaded and used most anywhere at any time.

With the help of a professionally produced and recorded treatment session we can tackle the effects of tinnitus and diminish it from the inside out! A trained practitioner delivers potent neuro linguistic programming and hypnosis exercises to work with the listener’s subconscious mind, adjusting their audio receptors at the source. The net result is a reprogramming to tune out annoying and unwanted sounds.

Suffering is quickly and easily reduced as the ears now only pick up the necessary signals needed to focus on. Stress and anxiety melt away as clarity and enjoyment of the audible world is returned.

An Affordable Treatment Method

Two things about this self hypnosis treatment really stuck out to me.

First was the cost… for less then twenty bucks it seemed too inexpensive to really have any value. But that’s just it, what we don’t know about is the cost effectiveness of this whole world of better health by training the subconscious mind and one of the most effective tools for the average person to do this training is downloadable self hypnosis audio sessions.

Second is the Satisfaction Guarantee. For whatever reason some folks may not realize the benefit of this type of treatment. I was very impressed to learn the provider of the sessions stands behind what they are offering. It is recognized that hypnosis isn’t right for everyone. For example, some folks may not be able to enter a state of hypnosis fully enough to make it effective. It is widely believed by most professionally trained hypnotherapists that the more likely you are to be hypnotized, the more likely it is that you’ll benefit from hypnosis.

Personally I appreciate the producers of this self hypnosis treatment session obviously understand it may not be the answer for some who try it and so they double back it with an affordable upfront price and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. I think it truly speaks volumes to the character of the organization.

Tinnitus Treatment Trial

So with all that said I hope you enjoyed the information in this article. I’m always encouraged when I find a potential solution and can let others who need it know about it. If you suffer from tinnitus like I have or know of someone please share this article and treatment approach with them. Here now is the name of the treatment session and when you click on it you will go directly to our partner’s ordering page for the download and immediate access:

>>> Natural Tinnitus Treatment <<<

All the best in your pursuit of better health…


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  • free4life

    Never heard of Tinnitus. I can’t imagine having a constant noise in my ears. That would, indeed, be maddening. I am sure that people would pay good money to be able to rest normally agin. I know that you will reach certain people and that they will be very grateful for it. Keep helping others, it is a noble calling. 

    • admin

      Yes, I never knew much about tinnitus either until I started suffering from it. Hence the pursuit for treatments. Thanks for your comment. 

  • GeeEss

    Awesome! I have been suffering from the strange sounds for some time and used to think myself as some alien and used to curse myself thinking I am abnormal! Thanks to your article Myles I am feeling a lot better thinking that I am not alone in the suffering. There are many more like me! I am sure The Hypnosis Live collection will bring me the opportunity for change that I have been seeking.

    • admin

      I recalll when I first started hearing the noise in my ears and just about went crazy trying to find the outside source when here it was inside. I am so grateful for treatments to help relieve the racket. I hope you find it as useful and beneficial. Cheers.

  • Mike

    Hey Myles – Great article  I can tell you know your stuff.  Several folks in my family have tinnitus and have paid big $$ for hearing aids which do help but not totally.  The fact that self hypnosis could allieviate their issues and the price being only $20 makes this a no-brainer to give it  a go.  

    Thanks for providing the info, I’ll forward it along.   Mike

    • admin

      I was shocked myself to learn how many are inflicted by tinnitus and then very excited to come upon this super cost effective self hypnosis treatment. Appreciate your comment Mike and willingness to pass this good information along to others. All the best.

  • Gomer Magtibay

    Good thing I found your article! I was having what you said here as Pulsatile Tinnitus, but I am not sure whether it was caused by this electric fan that’s placed beside me while working on my computer or cause by something else that’s related to other organs of my body. Your suggested solution of downloading an audio file for the treatment of this got me curious and might try it as well. But just recently, the problem seems to be going away, only that sometimes I have some recurrence of it. So, this hesitates me to try the suggested solution. Should I proceed in the treatment even though my tinnitus seldom attacks now?

    • Myles

      Hi Gomer, it is really up to you if you would like to give it a try. It wouldn’t cause any harm and you have the protection of the money back guarantee if you find you don’t think you need it after trying it.

  • Lok Which

    This is exactly what my sister has been suffering for the past two weeks. She makes complaint of strange sounds in her ear. I never knew it is called tinnitus.Thanks for this information. I will make her read this so she can follow the natural ways to treat it. I pray it works for her. Thanks

  • Nuttanee

    You are lucky that your wife was at home to confirm you that the sound was not from your place. Can’t imagine what will happen to those who live alone. I am surprised that I never heard about Tinnitus before when it affects many people. Have you done the research on what is the cause of Tinnitus? I will keep this information in mind. If I come across anyone who suffers I will give them your information. Very informative post. 

    • Myles

      The medical folks say many things can cause tinnitus from stress to ear damage from loud noises. 

  • Sondra M

    The constant ringing noise in my ears drives me nuts.  Although I do my best to ignore it, it would be nice if there really was a way to make it go away once and for all.   As you mentioned, it is most noticable when I am in a quite room trying to relax or trying to focus.    For $17.95, I may have to invest in this audio program to see if it will actually work for me.   This makes me look forward to my next payday…..    Thanks for presenting this solution.     

  • Cath Anon

    I think my partner suffers from tinnitus because he’s always complaining about a constant ringing in his ear. And so he is always running out of cotton buds, trying to stop the ringing.  It scares me a little because I think it exacerbates the situation for him.  And making it rather dangerous for his hearing.  Reading your article, I will ask him to look into the self-hypnosis audio and see if it helps.

    Thank you for sharing.

  • Jim

    Hi Myles,

    I know for a fact that some people have tinnitus and don’t realize it – because, most of the time, it may be just barely perceptible.  But, when it grows in volume, people take notice – and the sounds become quite annoying and oftentimes unbearable.

    I have heard about minimizing the effects of tinnitus through exercise, abstaining from food or alcohol for a couple hours before bedtime, or avoiding certain foods or drinks or condiments that increase tinnitus.

    Some folks are even prescribed Valium or Elavil – both of which help to reduce the effects.

    But, self-hypnosis is one thing I hadn’t thought of.  My niece sometimes has extreme bouts of tinnitus.  I think I will recommend she read your analysis of hypnosis as a means to lessen the effects.  She’s tried lots of other things to no avail.



  • Paul

    Incredible! I too suffer from tinnitus and was told that there is no remedy.

    Your suggested treatment sounds promising even at such a low price. 

    Having a 100% guarantee or your money back really does sound like they have a product that really works.

    How often do you need to use this treatment for the tinnitus to stay turned down?

    Excellent information and I am checking out some of your other posts now.

    • Myles

      Hi Paul, as a rule the self hypnosis sessions are suggested to be used every night as close to bedtime as possible. 

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