Self Hypnosis and Pain Management

In this article we are talking about self hypnosis and pain management so I thought it best to look at each of the two components of this topic separately. First lets look at self hypnosis.

What Is Self Hypnosis

Self hypnosis is a proven technique used to help individuals learn how to gain control of their lives, feel more empowered, inspired and accomplished. It has helped athletes, business people, students, leaders and followers. So ask yourself, if you could accomplish something better what would you do? What could you use it for? Here is a method, a tool, to help you achieve your fullest of potential by helping you to start thinking better.

The principle function is to develop a better picture of yourself and ask yourself what you’ll be able to accomplish. If you’re a student may be you’ll be able to get better grades, eliminate exam anxiety or to develop a superpower memory. If you’re in business maybe you’ll be able to make better decisions, be more productive and as a result make more money, everybody loves money right.

It is extremely important to realize is this all starts with how you think. We find that many people go to bed stressed only to wake up worried and anxious. Have you ever gone to bed stressed and woken up anxious about something? Quite likely, every person on the planet has encountered a big problem somewhere along the way. So when we’re not thinking good about ourselves we’re not feeling good and when we’re not feeling good, we’re not doing good.

Self hypnosis is a means of how to control your thoughts and program your mind, much like you would program a very highly efficient, powerful computer. Consider that for a moment, you can actually control the program that creates the direction and results in your life! Would you like that? Yes, of course you would!

Before learning how to use this amazing tool of self hypnosis you should know that you’re already telling yourself something that has programmed you. You’ve been exposed to programming, in essence hypnotized, since you exited the womb. You have been exposed to programming not only by society, not only by religion, not only by advertisers, not only by your peers and your parents, but also by yourself! You are already telling yourself something that is creating a thought and that thought creates a feeling about yourself and that feeling then creates an action and it can also influence your body. We really do become what we think about.

If you picture this, you’re walking into school and you have a test to take that day. Your teacher, the day before, told you that it was going to be the most difficult test you’ve ever taken. So now you have that in your mind, you’ve created that thought and you’re thinking to yourself no matter how much you study you’re destined to fail. Unfortunately a lot of people are sending those messages to other people outside of their realm. It’s time to control it, to eliminate that external program and to learn how to start programming ourselves to think better so we can start feeling and acting better.

Learning this is very important – “we all become what we think about.” Some people have this fear about hypnosis, they think it’s some kind of mind control or the work of the devil. They think that it’s deep sleeping or being unconscious, but you go into hypnosis every single day, several times a day! For example, if you drive a vehicle think about this; you’re driving to your destination and you zone out. You end up at your destination but don’t even remember how you got there, right?! That’s called Road hypnosis.

How about this, you go to talk to somebody texting on their cell phone. The person is so focused on their text messaging that when you start talking to them they have no clue what you’re saying or that you are even trying to talk to them. That is hypnosis!


Hypnosis is just a natural altered zone, a focus state you can learn to use effectively and efficiently. At night as we fall asleep we go into a natural zone state, a natural receptive state. Now let’s keep in mind your thoughts became congruent with your bodily functions and actions. When you are falling asleep at night you are going into this natural receptive mode, a key time to implement self hypnosis!

You want to use that receptive state of the last several minutes before falling asleep to, instead of worrying about what’s going to happen tomorrow or being anxious about what’s going to happen next week, think of what you would like to accomplish to be better. Make a little movie in your mind of what the ideal you would be like now. If the ideal you sounds a little intimidating just think about what you want tomorrow, how you want tomorrow to go. If you have something coming up that would otherwise stress you out see yourself with your head held high and imagine absolutely conquering the challenge you face. When you begin to formulate these kind of pictures in your mind you have a better chance of things going the way you want them to go.

As you fall asleep at night start thinking better about yourself because when you do you’ll start feeling better, when we start feeling better you’ll start doing better. When you do this technique at night, and it only takes minutes, that’s all you have to do but it’s only for the people who really, truly want to do better

So the lesson here is: practice this, try it out, make it a ritual for when you fall asleep at night. Make a little movie in your mind of how you want tomorrow to go or how you want to be as your ideal self. It could be a goal that you have in mind, it could be something that you’d like to just accomplish and do better at but when you play that picture over and over in your mind it will be more likely to become your reality. Thus, you have hypnotized yourself. That’s it, hypnotize yourself to be better, do better, feel better, think better. IT WORKS! Once you start doing this exercise and make it a nightly ritual you’ll notice within about two weeks that you are starting to feel more empowered, more inspired, more confident, more motivated and more productive.

By doing this exercise you’re actually awakening a part of your mind and as a result awakening within yourself the hidden skills, attributes, resources and talents that you might not even know that you have at your disposal. Then you can start using those hidden resources for your benefit. So program yourself at night for what you want to do tomorrow. Awaken your mind and change the world you’re living in!

Now lets take a look at pain management…

Self Hypnosis and Pain Management

What Is Pain Management

Pain affects every aspect of our life, not just our physical existence. It can affect how we manage our tasks day to day. It can affect how we interact with our friends, family and coworkers. Pain has an emotional and mental impact on our lives so looking at our day to day activities can really give us some good clues and tools for how to manage pain overall.

Someone might have challenges during their day or maybe not sleep so well and those are places one can do some work to help improve their quality of life. Lifestyle modifications are very important for helping manage pain.

Two important aspects to think about right up front are:

#1 – a healthy diet
#2 – maintaining a healthy weight

These two things can make great impacts on how an individual deals with pain.

Pain and stress feed off of each other and this can lead to a vicious cycle for some folks. Again, pain is a physical experience for sufferers and stress exacerbates that experience for most. So looking at the day to day activities and what the common stressors are for the person can be a great starting point for helping reduce stress and likely reducing the overall sense of pain.

As well, it is often really helpful to jot down the stressors and triggers to look at the ways to make improvements. For example if someone were to find their morning routine was really a big source of stress for them they could look closely at it to figure out if there are ways to alter or perhaps even change some of those activities to the nighttime. To alleviate the stress in the morning can show them if that will help reduce their stress and help with their pain overall.

Other techniques that can be helpful for reducing your day-to-day stress can be things like breathing exercises, meditation, visual imagery and relaxation techniques. Learning these things can be helpful for managing those acute moments of stress and the related pain in our day-to-day life

How Can Self Hypnosis Help Manage Pain

Yes, those pain sufferers who take the time to gain a full understanding of what self hypnosis is and how it works come to see that it can help with pain, particularly chronic physical pain. The following is a wonderful technique designed to help you with pain.

Say, for example, you have pain in your neck. You’ve had it for years, it has just kind of always been there. Maybe you take painkillers for it and nothing seems to work. Here is a technique that some hypnotherapists have taught their clients. First you want to induce the hypnotic state, when you are feeling nice and relaxed form an image in your mind of a dial. The dial has numbers on it. Envision where the dial is currently set.

Now think of the level of pain you are experiencing as being somewhere between one and ten. Ten is the absolute worst pain and one is being virtually pain-free. Imagine that the number on the dial matches with the pain level. Now in your mind you’ll want to turn it down. What is happening while you’re doing this is you are taking back control of your body. You are using your subconscious mind and imagery to regain control of your body.

In fact, this is the mind-body connection… our mind actually does control our body. It is just very difficult for most to be able to consciously allow their mind to control their body. However, learning self hypnosis and/or using professional quality guided self hypnosis sessions allows the user to subconsciously gain that necessary control.

Guided Self Hypnosis Sessions

Definition – A self-help or therapeutic intervention during which a person visualizes or imagines things suggested in order to create physiological and psychological healing.”

In an effort to help overcome the self-help challenges one may face attempting to gain the benefits of self hypnosis the use of guided sessions is most effective. A simple act of just listening to an audio recording, professionally produced by qualified hypnotherapists, allows you to enter a deeply relaxed state of awareness and direct your thoughts in certain positive, healing ways (also known as Selective Awareness). You will be reaching deep relaxation and implementing “self-healing techniques”. These techniques are viewed by many as the least expensive, safest and often most effective way to resolve most illnesses.

Millions have used a wide variety of self hypnosis sessions as their guide to create positive physical, mental, emotional, behavioural, and relational changes (healing). To reap the maximum benefit from self hypnosis sessions it is strongly recommended to use on a daily basis. This approach allows for the gradually re-training of your mind, rewiring of your brain and the ultimate desired changes to your body.

Guided self hypnosis sessions are a proven effective procedure for reducing stress and tension. In as much they have been proven effective in areas of:

Mental Skills – memory, learning, clear thinking, focus, creativity
Mindset – attitude, eliminate limiting beliefs, self-discipline, productivity
Emotions – control, strength, dissolve anger, stop insecurity
Fear – dissolve worry and anxiety, eliminate stress, erase phobias
Healthpain management, sleep, boost immune system, fight cancer
Self Growth – life purpose, end self sabotage, increase confidence
Personal Improvement – be a leader, public speaking, think big
Body Improvement – speed metabolism, exercise motivator, healthy eating
Sexuality – libido boost, attract partner, feel sexier

And the list goes on and on!

The power of guided self hypnosis will help you program your subconscious mind and take your health and happiness to a higher level. You can lead your body, mind, and emotions to deep healing and peak performance.

Pain Management and Relief Self Hypnosis Session

Persistent pain stops you from living life to the full and medication only masks the symptoms. Using the power of hypnosis is a natural way to get pain-free. The Pain Management and Relief hypnosis session will help you ignore the incessant sensations and put persistent pain in its place!

As you listen, the potent hypnosis and NLP techniques will work to reprogram your subconscious mind, helping switch off pain receptors and reducing your sensitivity threshold. Simply download the session, slip on your headphones and listen.

You can enjoy natural pain relief from the inside out. I have partnered with a leading provider of self hypnosis audio sessions. When you click on the image below you will be taken to their site where, for less than twenty bucks, you can purchase the Pain Management and Relief session. So for less than the price of one meal in a cafe you can begin to relax and enjoy near-instant relief from the torment.

Order Pain Management and Relief

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  • Dr. Baker

    Thank you for this great article on self-hypnosis. I am a firm believer in the night-time ritual of going to bed and envisioning a goal achieved! When I used to be a cheer coach, the night before tryouts, I would always tell my students (once they laid down in bed) to picture themselves at tryouts. I would instruct them to go through every move and motion in their minds and perform a perfect tryout. I truly believe this dramatically helped them the following day. I just wanted to chime in and give you an example of how I have utilized self-hypnosis and tell you that I appreciate you bringing awareness to this topic. It truly works!

    • Myles

      Your confirmation of the effectiveness of self hypnosis is greatly appreciated. I am encouraged to continue to work toward increasing the awareness. Thank you again, all the best! 

  • Melissa D Camp

    I am so glad I found this site. I have suffered from chronic pain for years and cannot take pain medication. Also, my daughter has severe test anxiety and has a state certified test to take in 2 months. I will be following up and your page is now my favorite site.
    Thank you again

    • Myles

      Hi Melissa, it is encouraging to hear you are benefitting from my website. I would be happy to hear of any experiences/results you may have from using the self hypnosis audios found under the Hypnosis Tools tab. All the best in your pursuit to end chronic pain. Ask questions if you have any. All the best!!!

  • John

    I have heard of self hypnosis before but I never thought to give it a try. I must agree that we really are what we see ourselves and I like that this is the basis of self hypnosis. Honestly, I didn’t know it could be used to deal with pain. It’s true, everyone faces pain at one point in life but it’s all about how we can deal with the pain. I really enjoyed this and I think I should get that audio session on self hypnosis maybe I can deal with the emotional pain I have with me right now. Thanks for a well written post.

    • Myles

      Hi John, thank you for your insights on my article. A 25 year veteran psychotherapist shared this: “When you’re viciously knocked down by life, don’t get right back up. Like tripping and falling, you have the impulse to rise and start moving again. But ignoring a serious injury will make it worse. Pain demands attention; it needs to acknowledged and embraced before you can move on.” The self hypnosis program offered in the article could very well be a helpful ingredient in the recipe for your healing process. All the best!

  • RoDarrick

    Hmm! This is rather a new and unique area of discourse to me and I must say that this is very interesting to read on. Virtually all of us live in  pain and we all need to be reliever and trying to relax our mind not to takes note of the pain would help us to get through the painful moments and that is the work of self hypnosis. Having to take the mind to creaye a better self image of what is going on without being directly affected by the situations of things. This is great and I will surely incorporate into my day living. Cheers

  • Lisa

    I really love your site. It is uplifting and personal as well. It is dead-on about the stress and issues that are in every family. Whether it is pain management, anxiety, addiction, etc. I think you are doing an excellent job. It is colorful, easy to manuver and continue on. I commented and am going to look into the recordings. 

    Great job

    • Myles

      Thank you for your kind words Lisa. It is very gratifying to hear from folks such as yourself finding benefit from my website. I wish you all the best as you move forward with the recordings offered on my site. 

  • Chloe

    Now I feel like I don’t really understand how my body can work sometimes. I love the the way you have relayed this message in a very simple way. Reading through this post give mama greater confidence that we can control so many things happening around us, particularly in our body. I have come to understand the strength of the human mind and how wonderfully it works. I would love to give this sled hypnosis and try. From the list of the various aspect it works on, then any one can be happy within himself if this self hypnosis is being carried out by the individual. Can hypnosis occur naturally without the person triggering it?

    • Myles

      Hoping the following answers your question: Hypnosis isn’t a sinister way to control people, and in fact, it’s impossible to hypnotize someone into doing something they don’t want to do. What you can do, however, is give someone a suggestion that they might not have thought of on their own. Using these self hypnosis recordings will help an individual, who truly wants to change, build a subconscious frame work to overcome undesired habits and/or beliefs.

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