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The title for this article may appear to be unfinished, however the intention is to bring more attention to a method and the tools for bettering the quality of one’s life. Most people are not even remotely aware this even exists or they have been tragically misinformed about it. The “A” in Self Hypnosis How To A is meant to represent the best… a Grade A. It has been demonstrated that most all of our individual lifestyle circumstances can be improved by using targeted self-hypnosis tools, hence I give it a Grade A rating!

Understanding How Self Hypnosis Works

Your subconscious mind can hold a false, undesirable reality that will manifest in your life, bringing about a myriad of unpleasant experiences and limiting beliefs. Using self-hypnosis allows you to access your subconscious for the purpose of replacing false reality with a positive reality resulting in the elimination of bad habits, poor beliefs and an undesirable lifestyle.

Basically self-hypnosis allows you to train your imagination to vividly express to your subconscious mind how you want your life to be. In many ways it is similar to the practice of meditation in respect to the quieting and calming of self but with the addition of tending to a specific area of your life you want to improve or change for the better.

Self-hypnosis allows us to “imagine” in a different way. Rather than just being programmed by the many outside influences we are exposed to every day we can take complete control and literally create the world we desire. It may seem like a far-fetched statement but it is a fact supported by volumes of scientific research and many, many years of studies.

Just take a moment and think about how you use your imagination. Are you misusing it by needlessly worrying and/or doubting most things or do you use it beneficially through planning and dreaming? When you begin to use self-hypnosis effectively you instruct your imagination to be used for your benefit by imagining in a different way.

Therapeutic hypnosis is a widely accepted practice, utilized by a vast array of wellness professionals and clinicians around the world. The hypnotic state is not some special, magical thing. Rather, it’s simply getting into a mind state similar to when watching a riveting movie or deeply listening to great music with headphones on and eyes closed.

How To Apply Self Hypnosis

I have heard self hypnosis and hypnotherapy referred to as “the royal road to the unconscious” because it is the most powerful way we have to harness the human imagination in an effective manner. Picture your imagination as a tool and guided self-hypnosis as the instructions on how to use the tool. Not knowing how to properly use a powerful tool can end Self Hypnosis How To Awith disastrous results and serious damage.

Let’s take a hypothetical example and use low self-confidence as a life condition you would like to overcome. This particular condition likely exists in your life due to the improper or complete lack of good instruction being provided to your imagination.

Self-hypnosis is used to train your imagination and the use of targeted audio sessions is a simple yet highly effective way to do it.

So in this example you would purchase a professional self-hypnosis therapy session, to overcome low self-confidence/low self-esteem, produced by a trained hypnotherapist. The sessions are usually available in a MP3 format so you can easily download and start to use immediately. These self-hypnosis audios are saved to your mobile device and can be used anywhere. A most attractive feature is the extremely affordable price, usually costing less than lunch at the diner.

When To Use Self Hypnosis

Listening to your guided self-hypnosis session just before you are going to sleep for the night will provide the greatest impact on your subconscious mind. The subconscious goes to work when you go to sleep and uses the information you provide for establishing your future behavior, beliefs and actual lifestyle results. We process over 60,000 thoughts in a day and our information intense culture is constantly imprinting a myriad of data on our brain. The last conscious information of the day needs to express our personal desire and be thoughtfully, carefully communicated to our subconscious. Listening to your targeted self-hypnosis audio session this way is critical to achieving the results you desire.

Additional listening times throughout the day are highly recommended and will help speed results. The Ultradian Rhythm offers an excellent guide as to the best listening times and occurs every 90-120 minutes when your brain is temporarily dominated by it’s right hemisphere. This is also what is happening at night when you enter REM sleep and dream as well as during the day when you experience a shift in your focus of attention, to a more daydreaming state-of-mind.

What Can Self-Hypnosis Help

Millions of people have used targeted self-hypnosis sessions to overcome a wide variety of life challenges. Downloadable audio sessions are readily available in the following categories:

Self Hypnosis How To A

Addiction Help; Alternative Cancer Treatments; Anti Aging; Anxiety Treatment; Bad Habits; Children’s Hypnosis; Clinical Hypnotherapy; Communication Skills; Dealing with Difficult People; Depression Self Help; Emotional Intelligence; Enjoy Life; Fears and Phobias; Fun Hypnosis; Grief and Loss; Health Issues; Healthy Eating; Hypnosis Packs; Hypnosis Training; Interpersonal Skills; Job Skills; Learning Help; Motivation and Inspiration; Pain Relief; Parenting Skills; Personal Development; Personal Finance; Personal Fitness; Personal Productivity; Personal Skills; Pregnancy and Childbirth; Quit Smoking; Relationship Help; Relaxation Techniques; Self Confidence; Self Esteem; Sexual Problems; Sleep Problems; Social Anxiety; Sports Performance; Stress Management; Thinking Skills; Weight Loss


  • Happier At Home

    Self-hypnosis!  Phenomenal idea!  I find the whole idea completely intriguing!  The fact that it would be best implemented immediately prior to bedtime makes absolute sense!  This must be very similar to practicing mindfulness, where someone guides your thinking into a calm state.  I’ve participated in that before, but have never heard of self-hypnosis.  I can very much see the benefit in this.  I will try to start this in my own nightly routine.  Thank you so much for this great information!  

    • Myles

      Appreciate your feedback and comments. Using the session just prior to sleep time is highly recommended. All the best.

  • EVA

    Thanks Myles for your article about self hypnosis. You tried your best to explain it clearly to us. At the moment ,I am working very hard on myself to improve my wellbeing and develop myself. We always take care of the outside  and keep ignoring the inside, specially our thoughs. Your site is a treasure well, I will come back regularly to recharge myself. Thank you!

    • Myles

      Hi Eva, so glad to hear you are finding my website useful. Thoughts are things and what we think about we bring about. Keep up the great work!  

  • Shekia Fre

    Hi Myles,

    This was an interesting and informative read for me. I have been trying for some time now to find ways of training my brain to handle certain situations in my life and to get rid of some bad habits that I have. This post has given me a new path to try out and I am interested in finding out so much more on your website.

    • Myles

      Hey Shekia, happy to hear you found this article and the website helpful. Keep up the good work, you have amazing things ahead. All the best!

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