Self Hypnosis Results – How Long Will It Take?

In a day and age of high expectations and instant gratification developers of self hypnosis therapy recordings often hear questions like: How long before I see self hypnosis results? When will I notice a change? These are questions that are nearly impossible to give an absolute answer.

Every person is different, ever situation has it’s own root cause and the nature of the challenge has many variables. Plus everyone has an individual and unique experience from hypnosis and therefore will experience changes at different speeds and levels. While some people notice changes immediately, by and large changes are mostly progressive, occurring over a period of days, weeks, or even months. It is not very often that an “Aha!” moment occurs.

Eureka I’m Healed

When it comes to a positive change of habit or belief, it is unlikely you will experience some kind of eureka experience. There is no doubt it can happen, however when it happens it is most often something that happens without you even really noticing. Change comes about very gradually, like drops in a bucket eventually the pail will be filled. Bit by bit the change take place, until the issue has been fully resolved.

Those who are skeptical of the power of self hypnosis as a remedy are generally those folks who expect to automatically or immediately become aware of “the change”. Without a eureka moment they find it difficult to believe the process is working. If the life challenge, the undesirable issue, originated at a subconscious level and is resolved at a subconscious level, conscious detection is not immediately and glaringly obvious.

So much depends on the issue, or issues, you are looking to correct. You may start to sense a slight change in your behaviour such as an increased positive attitude. Perhaps now you are remaining calm in high stress situations rather than breaking down like you used to in past instances. Or it may be that your friends and family are noticing that you have changed for the better, which is usually very common.

It is often reported that it is one’s friends and family members who are among those to first notice any positive changes. Additionally, individuals who get positive results when using recorded self hypnosis audio sessions, sense the changes happening gradually, as mentioned previously. Professional therapists worldwide also report similar patterns of success with clients using guided self hypnosis on a regular basis.

Importance of Realistic Expectations

Regardless of the kind of therapy a person is receiving it is important to have realistic expectations as to the outcome of the therapy. Self hypnosis is no different and even though it has shown to be a very effective method there are those who have reported that it did not work for them. Upon further discussion it has been found, in many cases, the individual has only listened to the audio session one time.

It is unrealistic to expect to immediately overcome a limiting belief, dis empowering thought pattern or negative condition. Problematic subconscious patterns have usually been operating in our mind for a very long time, perhaps even our entire lifetime, and to think it can be fixed in a short term is simply far too optimistic. However, with that said it is entirely possible to notice a positive shift after listening just once and for many people the effects of hypnosis can sometimes seem like magic. To be sure, hypnosis is not magic.

Best Chance of Self Hypnosis Success

Your commitment is the key, which simply requires listening to your self hypnosis audio session on a regular basis – daily is ideal and strongly recommended. You should think of hypnotherapy, your guided self hypnosis sessions, as a process of team work. Most all of us are not capable to remedy what we’re dealing with on our own. Utilizing at home self hypnosis audios or visiting a hypnotherapist on a regular basis provides the teamwork.

You need to put in the work for long-lasting success. This means not only making the commitment to listen to the session regularly, but it is paramount that you always have an open, positive and motivated attitude toward the process and the change you are expecting to receive from it. Remember the old saying: “Be careful what you wish for, because you will receive it!”

Know What You Want

Most all of us dwell on the undesirable situation we find ourselves in rather than spending the time thinking about how our life would be with the situation made better and our life going in the positive manner. It is so vital to remember and exercise this all important knowledge: “What We Think About, We Bring About”!

As an example let’s say the negative situation at hand is about the lack of personal finances, debt is piling up and the current income is no where near being able to pay things off. When the daily thought always goes toward the amount of debt and a monthly pay that is too small to keep up, the following and repeating reality is a debt that never goes away and continuance of working at a job that sees you going backward in your personal finances. Thought must be changed first in order for any positive change in the situation to follow.

So what does this means… well you need to be looking for what you want to happen, rather than fear and worry about what is happening now. This is particularly true in the context of self hypnotherapy audio sessions. It is necessary for you to look for improvement, rather than just wait for it to happen. Certainly it can and does just sometimes happen, but it is in your best interest, to do your best to find improvements in the way you feel or behave.

The benefits of listening to a specific self hypnosis recordings from the Hypnosis Tools on the website here are maximized when you allow yourself to actually feel a positive response to the suggestions that you hear. If what you are hearing is what you truly want to happen it really helps if you can experience an appropriate emotional response. The better you can tap into this feeling of positivity, the greater the chance of success and the greater that emotional response, the more successful any therapy will be.

So… How Long Will It Take?

We each have our own time frame for change. Self hypnosis is, beyond any doubt, one of the most effective means of bringing about permanent behavioral and emotional changes. It’s impossible to say with any certainty when and how change will occur. In some instances it can take effort to make even small changes in life. It all starts with that super important first step of deciding you can make a change. And remember to give yourself a big pat on the back and a generous thank you when those first positive results show up – because after all – you did the work!


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