The Most Important Work You Will Ever Do

The most important work you will ever do is the work you do on you! That line is a bit of a tongue twister but never the less it is likely one of the most truthful and powerful statements you will ever hear.

I think we are pretty much similar in what we want out of life… things like contentment, fulfillment, joy, safety, comfort, love, just to mention a few. The vast majority of us seem to be on a never-ending search for our purpose, the meaning of our life and end up in a quagmire of outside influences.

There is a task or should I say a huge favor you need to do for yourself at the start (and/or the end) of each and every day. That favor is to… “Remember Your Future”. Remembering your future is the most important work you will ever do. Yep, it’s a somewhat obscure notion, how the heck can you remember something that hasn’t happened yet? Let me explain…

How To Remember Your Future

Most everyone has their daily routine: wake up, get out of bed, hit the washroom, grab a coffee, get to work, come home at the end of the work day, grab dinner, watch some TV, go to bed so you can get the rest needed to start it all again the next day and the next day and the next day. The routine… determines and controls our future. The routine… seeds our subconscious mind, which in turn creates the program that operates our daily life.

So it comes back to doing the most important work you will ever do. Be the boss of the routine. Be the creator of your future. Remember your future by seeding it into your subconscious mind at the start of every day.

It Is Yours To Create

Change your routine so that it will bring you the best for yourself out of life. What this means is to take time each day to create your future. The future you will want to remember! To do this your must start your day with a morning routine with a self-hypnosis or guided meditation session. These can range anywhere from 20 -60 minutes or more. The best time of day to do this is between 3:30-4:30am, so it’s early to bed. Of course, it can be another time of day but the wee hours is when your state is most receptive to the session.

A session can be specifically targeted or it can be based on a more general approach. A vast majority of the population holds themselves prisoners of their past. The goal of daily self-hypnosis or guided meditation sessions is to replace the limiting emotions of the past lodged in our minds and replace those limiting emotions with the feelings we get when we are empowered, joyful, loved, prosperous, abundant…!

If you do not take the lead on engaging in a daily session to create the life you want you will end up with the life you get. I truly believe this is by far the best investment you can and will ever make. Everything concerning your life… who you are, what you do, experience and become, stems from this work. The alternative is what the vast majority of people are doing… living a life created by other people and random events going on around them… going through the motions, the daily grind and living out an existence that is sadly, just existing.

Every person on this beautiful planet of ours, and I mean ever person has an enormous potential. We are all created equal and when we cultivate the depth of our individual potential we not only create an amazing outcome for ourselves, the planet as a whole wins as well. Believe it… regardless of race, creed, color or the oppressive political, religious and nationalist ideologies that divide us and keep us from creating unity, harmony, peace and love. We… You… have unlimited potential!

The First Hurdle Is The Hardest

That first hurdle is in believing. It starts with you choosing to believe you can create your future and committing to taking the action each morning to reprogram, renew, rewrite the programs operating in your subconscious mind. Your time and your willingness to be still and tune in to your daily morning sessions is Your Work. As the morning sessions go by the effects of your work grow, bit by bit, day by day. And soon you find a hunger and anticipation for your sessions. They become a most valuable, daily routine.

This is a process, a journey. In a culture of instant gratification we have lost the sense of patience and need to get it back. Once the first hurdle is cleared the next will be somewhat easier and next one becomes easier yet until the hurdles become something that excites you as the life you are creating is now unfolding into your reality.

Get Started

I believe it is best to gain some good insight and more holistic understanding of the things I have been talking about in this article. For that purpose I have a book to recommend as a place to get started. The book is “Becoming Supernatural” authored by Dr. Joe Dispenza and is one of many of his writings. I have found this book so helpful. The information provided in it is science based and comes about through the many studies and research Dr. Dispenza and his team have conducted on human participants.

In addition to the basic knowledge on this subject you will glean, details of a few of the meditation sessions are provided. Now the good doctor has been around a while doing this work, helping people and providing guidance. He has produced recordings of the meditation sessions making it very easy guide your morning sessions. These recordings are available on his website along with his other book titles and work.

Great Things Are In Store For You

I am so very grateful for the opportunity to share this truly life changing, life enhancing information with you in my article here. Thank you for taking the time to read it. I honestly believe in this work and the benefit it holds for us individually as well as collectively. There is so much noise and distraction going on in the world we can easily be lost to it.

You have the potential to create the most amazing future. This is the most important work you will ever do – remember your future!

Your comments, questions and opinions are important. What did you think of this article? Please post your thoughts in the comment section below… I look forward to reading them and getting back to you with a reply if requested. All the best!


  • Sheddy Ovb

    Thank you for sharing this post, many a time majority of us tend to live a routinely life style of waking up, bathing, grabbing a glass of coffee, and then going to work,it happens repeatedly. I think with this post one need to have a rethink because working on ourselves is indeed the most important work we need to do for the betterment of the future. Thanks once again.

  • Tucker

    Ah! What a brilliant article. “The routine seeds our subconscious mind…” I love this idea and can’t agree more with your recommendation of Dr. Joe Dispenza’s book. I actually wrote a full book review of Becoming Supernatural on my site (happy to send the link over if you or anyone you know is interested). His work has been of great impact and service to me and I like to recommend it to anyone and everyone I can! 

    • Myles

      I’ve become a big fan of Dr Joe and currently using his Reconditioning The Body To A New Mind guided meditation and  the Tuning Into New Potentials guided meditation. So happy to hear you have found success with his work. 

  • Justin

    How true – it is so easy to get stuck on the daily treadmill and blindly stick to a familiar routine, a routine that really could be very damaging to our mental and physical wellbeing. Taking time for ourselves is one of the best ways to improve our time with family and friends. Daily self-hypnosis or guided meditation is definitely a great way to take control.

    You mention daily self-hypnosis or guided meditation, which would you recommend for someone thinking of giving it ago?    It would be really helpful if you could include an example of what a session may be like. Is that possible? 


    • Myles

      Hey Justin, I will put the link below to the self-hypnosis sessions I have available through my website. I would recommend that you go there and take scroll down through all the specific sessions available. Choose one and click on it to go to the order page where you will be able to try a free sample. Let me know if I can be of further assistance. All the best.

  • PrettySophia

    Hi, thanks for sharing this amazing article on the most important work you will ever do. It is an inspirational and educative article. Most of us don’t think of our future any longer, we believe in what today or what tomorrow holds for us , we believe in day to day routine forgetting that we can be the boss of our routine and life. But reading your article has given me inspiration and also got me thinking about my future .l would love to share this article to with others because I know it will be of great help to them . Thanks for reminder once again.

    • Myles

      so great to read your comment Sophia and wonderful to hear this article has been inspiring for you. Yes please share this article everywhere you can. It is so important for everyone to know this information. All the best to you!!! Cheers, Myles

  • Kingsking

    Thank you for this amazing publication. The future sounds as though it is many year from now but it is just the moment after now. Like you said, the future is in our hand and it is for everyone to create it for his or herself because all humans beings are created equal and with equal opportunity to exploit the Planet Earth. Failure to do so can be very pathetic.

    • Myles

      Really appreciate your comment… “all humans beings are created equal and with equal opportunity”. Thanks for commenting and take good care!

  • John

    Wow, so good.  Thanks for this post – there are so many good resources here on self-hypnosis to get going in the right direct.  Can you tell me how self-hypnosis might differ from NLP or neurolinguistic programming?  I’m a student of NLP whenever I can be, but have not read much about self-hypnosis until now.

    • Myles

      I am more a student and user of self hypnosis and guided meditation sessions then NLP, but I would suggest they are similiar in respect to helping the user reprogram the subconscious mind. 

  • Christine

    After reading the article, I realize that In order to achieve anything in life, I have to work on myself first.

    I like the phrase “Remember your future”. If I can remember my future, I am not going to remember my past. I have not achieved much in my past and there is so much I want to achieve in the future.

    Well, thank you for the information, and I will start to remember my future by taking up meditation.

    • Myles

      That’s fantastic Christine and you will have an amazing future to remember. All the best!

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