The Ways To Stop Smoking

When you start asking for advice on some of the ways to stop smoking you’ll get a list of things that looks something like this:

  • Start an exercise program
  • Get out and walk everyday
  • Chew gum to beat the carving
  • Do something with your hands to keep them busy
  • Drink lots of water
  • Try deep breathing techniques to relax your body and mind
  • Go to an entertainment spot where they don’t allow smoking
  • Get together more often with non-smoking friends
  • Take hypnosis therapy sessions

Ok, that’s a great list of approaches one could take. The approach I will focus on in this article is the last one, with a twist.

Self Hypnosis To Quit Smoking

Technology has allowed for the development of guided self hypnosis sessions. Rather than having to go to a therapist, guided audio sessions are done in the convenience and comfort of one’s own home. All that is required is a quiet place to relax, slip on the head phones or ear buds and just listen. In particular, using Self-Hypnosis sessions.

How To Self Hypnotize

I’m going to help you to understand the simplicity of hypnosis… hypnosis really is just a deep state of relaxation!

There really are no best self hypnosis techniques because it’s different for everyone. So now when you think about hypnosis you know it’s just a deep state of relaxation, that’s the definition, how you’re going to achieve a deeply relaxed hypnotic state is up to you.

It can be as simple as sitting down in a comfortable chair with some quiet music, closing our eyes and following our breath in and following our breath out.

You can count back from 100, again sitting comfortably, open your eyes on the even numbers and close your eyes on the odd numbers. This technique is going to induce hypnosis as your eyes are going to get tired… so you open your eyes on 100, close your eyes on 99, open your eyes on 98, close your eyes on 97 and so on. Hypnosis is induced because you get way too tired trying to make it down to 1 and the conscious mind become so confused it just goes off to sleep. And now the subconscious mind is open which means you are in hypnosis.

Another method is progressively relaxing your muscles. You imagine seeing a light coming in through the top of your head. You let the light flow down over your whole body feeling it relax every part as it goes. This is a good and widely used self-hypnosis technique.

Perhaps the easiest and most popular approach is using professionally recorded audio sessions. Regardless of your level of experience these audios are extremely effective. You can find sessions that are created to work for specific needs such as stop smoking, reduce anxiety and stress, overcome fears and emotional distress. The list is very extensive and a session can be found for most any situation.

Stop Smoking Audio Session

Smoking is an incredibly strong addiction. Millions of people struggle to quit each year, and unfortunately the majority fail. The nicotine gum, patches, and books all provide help but they fail to provide the real internal support needed to follow the process through.

Self hypnosis provides that internal support. Using a recorded session prepared by a certified hypnotherapist is a major weapon in the fight against dissolving additions.

With that said it must include the desire, the true want to quit smoking. The smoker has to be absolutely keen to give up the habit.

Now embracing the proper mindset, you simply download the Stop Smoking hypnosis session, slip on your headphones, get comfortable and listen. You’ll be guided into the hypnotic state and your subconscious mind will be able to receive the commands to help you:

Quit smoking once and for all and forever!

Overcome powerful nicotine cravings and never relapse!

No longer be affected by others smoking near you!

The Stop Smoking self hypnosis audio session will help you find the motivation and power to break the habit and give up smoking for good! As you listen, powerful hypnosis and NLP techniques will work to change the way you think about smoking. You’ll recognize it for the addiction it is and begin to appreciate the damage it can cause. You’ll find the strength and determination to say “no” to smoking once and for all.

A Quick Look At Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a form of psychotherapy in which a patient is guided into a deep state of relaxation or trans-like state by a therapist. Once in that state the therapist works with the patient to help them create the change they are looking for in their life. This is done by the therapist using different guided relaxation techniques, visualizations, increased awareness of the mental and physical state, all of which help us slip into this trance.

While in this state, a person is able to shut off any outside noise, worry, or distraction and focus in on specific thoughts or tasks. Since this is done in such a state of relaxation, it can be helpful to try out hypnosis as a way to tap into any memories or experiences that may be too painful to recall consciously. Hypnosis is almost always done in combination with regular psychotherapy treatment. Being in this trance like state makes us more open to suggestion and change, so it’s VERY important that you know and trust your hypnotherapist.

Most commonly, hypnotherapy is used for 2 purposes:

  1. For suggestion: Meaning that people will seek out hypnosis as a way to have someone help them change a behavior they haven’t been able to change on their own, such as smoking, overcome test anxiety or even stop nail-biting. Many people have also reported using hypnotherapy as a way to better manage chronic pain.
  2. Analysis: Meaning that we would try out hypnosis as a way to explore a very painful root of our issue. For example, let’s say we could never really process through the abuse that caused our eating disorder. Every time it was just too painful and we would dissociate or completely shut down.

Hypnosis is another option that can allow us to finally get to the root of our struggles and bring it into our conscious mind. You can learn more about benefits of hypnotherapy and self hypnosis at PubMed website. In the PubMed search bar enter ‘scientific proof for the effectiveness of hypnosis’ or ‘the effectiveness of self-hypnosis’ and you will find a ton of articles, research based studies as well as evidence based studies that do support many beneficial claims.

Download Stop Smoking

I have partnered with a leading provider of self hypnosis audio sessions. When you click on the image below you will be taken to their site where, for less than twenty bucks, you can purchase the Stop Smoking session. So for less than the price of one meal in a cafe you can hit this harmful habit hard and blow smoking out of your life for good.

Your comments, questions and opinions are important. What did you think of this article? Please post your thoughts in the comment section below… I look forward to reading them and getting back to you with a reply if requested. All the best!


  • Dave Sweney

    Thanks for all the advice on quitting smoking. It is not easy to stop smoking for most people as it is quite addictive, so the many tips are sure to help one or the other person trying to quit. I smoked starting at 18 for 8 years and quit for 14 years. I started again and have now been smoking for half of my life.

    At this stage, it is time to quit a second time and give them up completely. I have already reduced to 10 cigarettes a day from 40, but I would like to drop that to 5 and then none. That is the goal, and I will try a few of the methods you mention in your article.

    The one suggestion that most interests me is the guided self-hypnosis method that you go into great detail about. The steps seem easy enough to follow, and I am sure that I can do this. I will start with this and then move on to another if I need to. Since I definitely want to quit, I am motivated so hopefully, that will not be necessary.

    I will also have a look at the recommendation that you make at the end of your post. This program might be just what I need if the other methods do not work. It looks promising and this will be a second option as well for me. I know that there are fewer and fewer smokers out there these days, and I want to become a former smoker. I am motivated!


    • Myles

      Thank you for commenting Dave, it is good to hear that you have determined to stop smoking. The strength of your true desire to quit will be a significant factor leading to your success. The self hypnosis session that I offer is a powerful part of the recipe as well. The beauty of it is the ease to execute it… get the download, find a quiet and comfy spot, get the headphones or earbuds on and listen! I am in the midst of using a session for eliminating stress and anxiety. It is important to listen daily and if you only have time for once a day make that time just before you go to bed. Your subconscious works while you sleep, processing all of the data you consciously took in throughout the day. Therefore make the last thing of day you consciously sense a powerful and life enhancing input. I would love to hear how things are going so please feel free to stay in touch. All the best!   

  • SeunJeremiah

    I became attracted to this article the moment I laid my eyes on it, I am a little addicted to smoking and desperately need to stop because I can feel a little different from the way I originally feel and also as my doctor advised, I have tried to stop smoking through excercise and all but it doesn’t just seem to work, self hypnosis is going to be the next step to take, I hope this works this time around.

    • Myles

      Your motivation to quit will be a powerful assist to using the self hypnosis. Be consistent with a daily session of the Stop Smoking audio (just before bedtime) and you will get the results you desire. All the best!  

  • Fabio

    It is a real nice article, One of the most reasons to stop is the cancer, Almost every case of lung cancer in the world, 90% according to recent research, is caused by cigarette smoke. Either the victim smoked or was constantly exposed to second hand smoke.

    This has to be at the top of your list of reasons to stop smoking, because the 5 year survival rate for people diagnosed with lung cancer is as low as 1%. Even in the best case scenario, the survival rate is not above 67%. In other words, most people who get lung cancer die.

    Thank you to this article, It will be very helpful to everyone.

    • Myles

      Thank you Fabio, I did not know the statistics regarding smoking and lung cancer. Appreciate the information.

  • Tim

    Hi Myles this is such an educational article!

    I’ve been a victim to second-hand smoke throughout my childhood because of my dad who’s a very heavy smoker, I hate everything about cigarettes and smoking. I think your article should also include the harmful effects of smoking and what it does to other people. 

    Thanks for sharing this, people should really be aware of the harm smoking brings.

    • Myles

      Hi Tim, Thank you for bringing more awareness to the harmful affects of second hand smoke. There have been vast improvements such as banning smoking in public areas, etc. I was a smoker myself many years ago…such a harmful habit to self and those around the smoker. Hopefully more will work toward stopping the habit.

  • Dr. Baker

    I have definitely heard of hypnotherapy for the purpose of stopping smoking, but I have always wondered about the effectiveness of this. On the program that you mention, has research been performed to see how effective it is in actually quitting smoking? I would think that this could be utilized in weight-loss as well with a similar rate of effectiveness.

    • Myles

      The developers of the stop smoking self hypnosis program offered in the article do provide a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee, I do not have research results data from their particular program. Researchers who have studied hypnosis say more, well-conducted studies are needed to determine if hypnosis really helps smokers kick the habit for good, but add that hypnosis remains a hopeful approach and has many other benefits. However, the best way to quit may be to combine several techniques. Patients often require several different strategies along the way.

  • John

    Hello Myles, so it’s a really good thing that hypnosis also works for smokers and can help them stop because my brother loves it. We have tried so many ways to help him deal with this problem but it didn’t work. So we’ll use the session you have partnered here with the expert for both me and my brother. Again, thank you for a valuable information. How long does the effect of the session kick in?

    • Myles

      Hell John. It is impossible to give a definitive answer to your question. Not only does it depend on the nature of the problem, but, we are all unique and everyone’s experience of hypnosis is also unique. Each person will therefore experience changes at different speeds and levels. Some people may notice immediate changes, but for most the changes are more likely to be progressive, occurring over a period of time: days, weeks, even months. Change is rarely noticed as an “Aha!” moment. When it comes to positive change, it is unlikely you will experience some kind of eureka experience. It can happen, but change is more often something that happens without us really noticing. Little by little, changes take place until the issue has been resolved.

  • Stella

    This takes alot of sacrifice to comply these self hypothesis exercise. I have a cousin that can smoke her yash out if care is not taken. I will try and make her undergo this method of compacting this habit. I will be the most happiest person on heart of this can work best for her. This is an enlightening review that can never be rate less. 

    • Myles

      Hey Stella, thanks for commenting. If your cousin truly wants to “kick the habit” this self hypnosis recording can play a valuable part in her overall plan. All the best to her!!!! 

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