What Is Manifesting Money

To understand and get a good answer to the question of what is manifesting money, let’s first look at a definition for the verb “manifest”. This definition is offered by

verb (used with object)

to make clear or evident to the eye or the understanding; show plainly… When used in a sentence it would look like so – “He manifested his approval with a hearty laugh.

to prove; put beyond doubt or question”… and in a sentence – ”The evidence manifests the guilt of the defendant”.

Manifesting is actually something that you already do every day. Basically you decide what you want and then you go get it. Manifesting is the process you used to get there.

So in terms of manifesting money in our life what we want is to make money evident and by evident we mean get some new money into our pockets and bank accounts… but how? What action is required to manifest money or anything for that sake?

Money Is Energy

we attempt to answer what action is required lets talk about energy… in the sense of everything in existence is pure energy! The scientific community is exploring and discovering more and more on this subject every day. Research in quantum physics, quantum mechanics, neuroscience, molecular and cellular studies and so on.

What Does It Mean To Manifest Something

The basics of manifesting, in its’ simplest terms, is to decide on what it is you want (in this case money) and then attract it to yourself. So you decide you want some money. First thing you have to do is get some clarity on your decision, such as how much money do you want. Next, when do you want the money? What do you believe would be the best method to receive the amount of money you are wanting?

Now that you have some clarity you visualize it all. In your imagination you see you hands holding the money or you see your bank statement showing that desired amount of money as your balance. If you have a past experience for the smell of cash, use your imagination to recall that smell. Imagine how cash feels as you peel of the bills from the big fat roll of cash you have in your hands and hear the rustle of it as it falls and lands on the table.

Next you move to how it feels to be experiencing this visualization, how does it impact your emotions. Include in your act of visualizing all the positive emotions you would have toward possessing this money… Joy, Confidence, Security, Satisfaction, Gratification.

Follow this with making a commitment to your intention. You decided to get some money, you know how much, the best method to get it, when you’ll get it, etc., so now you accept that you will have it!

It’s time to strategize now that you have committed to your manifesting goal. Start to think about ways to earn more money. Consider using methods you have heard of that others successfully used; what people do you want to include, if any; etc., etc. This is the step where ‘synchronicities’ will start to appear, like a friend will mention out of blue how they discovered a surefire money making method or an offer will be made to you or someone will gift you cash!

Take action on the things you strategized. Start doing what it will take to get involved or be readily available for the things you thought about.

Now finally, enjoy what you manifested. The income opportunity you came upon, the cash an acquaintance gave you or that new high paying career you previously thought you could never have. And congratulations, you have successfully manifested your desire!

Money Manifestation Blocks

We are all subject to limiting beliefs picked up along the pathway of life. These limiting beliefs can be things people have said to you like “money is the root of all evil” or “you’ll never be rich” or “you don’t need money”. Your subconscious mind registers these statements and if they come from people you trust it will definitely set up a block for you to manifest money and financial abundance.

Destroy these blocks by using positive affirmations as many times in a day as you can. Say aloud to yourself such phrases as “I deserve to be wealthy”; “money is good and I am good”; “money flows to me in avalanches of abundance”. And while you are reciting these affirmations feel as if you already possess the money you desire.

Watch out for distractions, keep focused and working on your new habit(s) for manifesting money. We can slip back into the old ways very easily if we are watchful. Stay on guard and keep moving yourself in the direction of your desire. Continually shed old habits of negative thinking, shed the negative comments from others and always be replacing that void in your mind with the new, positive affirmations.

Can I Really Manifest Money?

Remember, you are manifesting every day. If you not conscious and controlling your thoughts, words, beliefs and feelings others will certainly impact you and your results with their thoughts, words and beliefs. The sooner you take charge of those areas the sooner you see the results you desire. Whatever your mind is conceiving, you will be believing and result of that is what you will be achieving.

The key to manifesting money is: learn how to manage your mind!

Guided Sessions Make It Easier

This website is dedicated to providing the tools that guide the user to succeed in those areas they most desire, be it the manifestation of money, attracting the perfect life partner, overcoming physical and mental health issues and most anything else.

Unfortunately most people aren’t getting the best results out of their life because they don’t know the reason why and how to change it. And on top of that those who become aware that they the power to manifest their desires are getting it wrong!

Over 94% of people using the principles of manifesting are not getting the results they expect. Usually it is because of overwhelm from the hundreds of “experts” out there trying to sell their own unique system. Systems that are unnecessarily complicated and pumped with fluff to fain value. Most people treat manifesting as though it’s a mysterious force they need to somehow master. It’s not. Instead, it’s all based on something we’re already familiar with, and rely on each and every day… Science.

The Law of Attraction – The Science Behind Manifesting Your Desires

The Law of Attraction isn’t magic, it is science in action and doesn’t work by mysteriously “altering” the universe. There is no secret cosmic ordering service, no matter how much pseudo-science you read, there’s zero quantum physics involved. (Just ask any quantum physicist.)

Instead, when its effective, the Law of Attraction works by changing what’s on the inside – which in turn changes your experience of the world. In short: your intention sets your direction.

When you start to truly understand how all of this works, this manifesting process suddenly becomes a huge force for making positive change in your life. Manifesting is real. It’s science in action. You just need to forget all the fluffy stuff you may have picked up so far.

Watch The Manifesting Movie has partnered with a global leader and provider of science based tools to get and keep you on the right track. Click the image below and get manifesting your desires….



  • Ibrahim

    This reminds me of a class I took in high school called “personal power”. The main thing I remember from that class is that no one can make you do anything.  Everyday you make choices.  You choose to get out of bed, go to work, you choose eat and pet your dog.  Granted, people think they have control over you but they don’t.  If you choose not to go to work, yes there are consequences but no one can make you do anything short of grabbing your arms and performing a task.

    With that being said, one can choose to manifest money if they so desire.  They just have to be ready and willing to go through the grueling and difficult process that comes with it 

    • Myles

      Yes I certainly agree, life is about the choices we make. Everything that I am doing here is to help folks see how powerful they are and how much control they can have/we can have in determining what our own individual life is going to look like. This is another article I wrote that helps bring the message home:

      Thanks so much for your comment and insight it means a lot! Cheers…

  • Linda

    We can do all things in Christ who gives us strength and I have come to realize that I can generate money when I put my mind too do it. Meaning, when I decide to establish my ideas, then income will manifest with my obedience of course. I have realized this weekend that the only one stopping me is myself. This reading has made me remember this and encourages me to get started. 

    • Myles

      I agree Linda, we can be our own worst enemy and stop ourself from going for it. That’s one of the main reasons I like the guided audio sessions… at least once a day (more when I can) I just pop in the ear buds and listen for 30 minutes or so (every night at bed time for sure). 

  • TimMoto

    Seems to me that self talk can be a very negative distraction to manifestation if your are not careful.  You are right that we’ve been told, many times, just the opposite of be positive.  As you say, learning how to manage your mind is the key to it all. 

    This excellent article reminds me of the best selling book “Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.  You may be familiar wit it.  Your intention sets your direction is an amazing truism…perfectly stated.  I believe this with my whole being. 

    Thank you for this informative and inspiring article.  I am a believer!

    • Myles

      Yes very familiar with Think And Grow Rich… more than 30 years ago when I read it for the first time. Its that kind of book that should be read once a year. I’m long overdue 🙂 Appreciate your excellent comment. All the best!

  • coralie

    I have never heard of manifesting money before, so I really enjoyed your post. Explaining how manifesting money comes down to controlling our thoughts and beliefs. And that if we do that then we are capable of making it happen. It actually makes sense when you explain it that way. Fascinating post and great topic. Anytime I come across a new idea like this it shows that we are capable of making things happen for ourselves. Hope! Good job. 

    • Myles

      So happy to hear you have now learned about manifesting money and I sincerely hope this article will lead you to a more abundant and joyful life. Take good care.

  • AJ

    Law of attraction!! Yes, definitely agree! Thank you so much for this wonderful article. A lot of people still don’t believe manifestation. That is actually the first step you need to take. Believe in yourself that you can manifest money or whatever it is you want to attract in life. A very good read! Cheers!

    • Myles

      Thank you for reading and commenting AJ. It so important to get this message out, the vast majority of our world has yet to learn of their ability to manifest their desired reality. The Law of Attraction is the law 🙂 Cheers.

  • RoDarrick

    Hi Myles, excellent article you have written up here and I surely enjoyed reading it. It is indeed true that money manifestation blocks does exist. I lived around people with negative vibes when it comes to money especially my dad who sees it as an evil that one must not get consumed in. This ruled my life for a long period till I decided against it and I’m glad I did. Seriously, for anyone to manifest such entity as powerful as money, there is need for positive reception and energy that the money would come and surely be just right and exactly what one has been waiting for. Great post. Thumbs up

    • Myles

      Hello Rodger, so appreciate your great comment on the article and your perspective on this important subject. I too grew up with a parent who cast a net of damnation on money and as such our family always struggled financially. I now know different and to fix it requires involving the type of processes I write about on my website. Thanks again for your fine comment. All the best!  

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