What Is The Meaning of WTF – Feeling The Words

WTF is synonymous with a certain verbal expression quite popular in our digital communication culture. However these three letters can also be extrapolated to another, perhaps more impactful, expression…

Other Meanings WTF

…Words; Thoughts; Feelings – there you have it! Now to further this exploration we can add the letter A, for Action, to create the synonym WTFA and finally express it as a lifestyle formula being Words + Thoughts + Feelings + Action = Reality. More specifically it equals your reality, my reality, the reality of whoever uses this formula (and we all use it whether we are conscious of it or not). So in the grammatical sense – it is an individual’s words, thoughts, feelings and actions that will determine their personal reality. It can be, should be, considered the most powerful formula any human could ever learn and apply. We’re not talking about some new breakthrough here this is nothing new. Since the dawn of time, humankind, we have had this formula available to us, a part of our being.

What Is The Meaning of WTF

Personal Power

The real power comes from controlling the source of the words and thoughts an individual frequents, allows as part of their daily diet of living. So many mediums of communication are continually blasting words, ideas, suggestions and images at us. All of this data is uploading to our subconscious mind, if we consciously allow it. Our subconscious mind works to manifest our reality and does so based on the data we allow.

What Is A Reality Check

Simply put this means the foundation of our individual reality is created from the words we speak, the thoughts we have, the feelings we experience all of which translates into the actions we take. We formulate our belief system in this way and in short our individual beliefs manifest our own reality. Now as opposed to allowing all the data coming at us from a multitude of outside sources such as social media, internet, television, radio, family, friends, etc, etc… we can filter it all, refine it or trash it to only allow into our subconscious mind that which will positively impact our reality. The reality we individually desire for our own life.

You Can Create Your Own Reality

Further to this WTF formula is about grasping the knowledge that – all things are energy. Everything is created from the energy delivered by the one universal source. Therefore all things, all beings, all events are connected. Enter the law of attraction and the result of the vibrations we independently establish from the energy. As an example negative words, thoughts, feelings create negative experiences and events. The results of which are reflected in our daily life. Don’t allow it, consciously deal with it, you can choose to change it all to positive including positive actions and watch as the following experiences in your life come in positive, empowering and joyful results.

A Plant To Seed

Certainly this brief article does not capture and convey the vast depth of this knowledge. The intent is to plant the seed of this knowledge and encourage the pursuit, the implementation of this simple WTF formula as a starting point. We are all together in this thing called life and how we approach it individually is the answer to how we can enjoy it to the max collectively.

So now what do you think of WTF?


  • Harry

    I like your meaning of WTFA…

    Your thoughts become feelings… Your feelings become words… Your words become actions… Your actions become habits… Your habits become character… Your character becomes destiny!

    Everything we have or not have in life is a result of words, thoughts, and feelings which will inevitably become actions which are going to take place based on them!

    • Myles

      Appreciate your comments here Harry… spot on! Keep spreading the word:-)

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